San Jose (CA) Dopers, what to do?

Roaches? What is this about roaches?

I’d certainly appreciate a ride, I’m not big on public transportation in strange towns, assuming that they will stop running to where I’m going immediately before I need to go there.

Roaches ‘n’ rice. Wrapped in seaweed. A soupcon of wasabi. It’s all the rage here in The Valley of Heart’s Delight.

And I’m also, a big fan of tossing, random commas into, my sentences.

I’m getting scared. Shrimp & tuna is about as daring raw-fish-wise as I’ve ever been (I’ve lived my entire life over 1000 miles from the ocean)

Got any good burger joints out that way?

The Roach comments were meant to be “jokes”. We do have some more unusual sushi here than where you’re from but no worries about insects. Really, it will be a great experieince.

We have In&Out. None very close to where you’ll be staying, I’m afraid.

I’ll have to dig out some old threads, but I seem to recall that, even though we’ve disagreed on a few things, I generally agree with DrDeth. I’d flirt with Cowgirl Jules, but I think she can outshoot me so that keeps me in line. In fact, I don’t believe anyone in this thread is on my list (and I hope I’m not on anyone’s except the usual suspects that don’t like anyone), so this could be fun. I’m afraid my per diam won’t let me pick up the tab, but I’ll stretch it as far as I can.

OK, I got the kids wrangled for Monday the 12th, now off to see if I can get the water system wrangled before I fully commit.

Oh, and would someone local give up the name of the place so I can google directions?

oh no I am not “joking” Sushi boat is completely infested by roaches. I sees them with my own eyes. We decided to wait until later to tell our squeemish friend and her reaction enraged my hardened Turkish friend to the point where he started screaming 'ROACHES?!!? IN TURKEY WE MAKE OUR SUSHI IN THE TOILET"

You haven’t lived until you’ve had a burger at The Counter. :smiley: Especially with their awesome sweet potato fries.

I’m totally down for a mini-Dopefest, name the date and place, and I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

I dine in SJ’s Japantown at least once a week, as it’s a 5 minute drive from downtown SJ.

Kubota is pretty darned good. It’s a standard, slightly upscale sushi bar and Japanese restaurant.

Sushi Maru is one of those conveyor belt places. But it’s not a dumbed-down conveyor belt place; you may order what you wish from the sushi dude. If you’re only comfortable with rolls using cooked fish, they have plenty of that, too. Their quality is quite decent and the price is reasonable. And they have a cup of 20% off coupons on the belt which are good through the end of November.

I have not been to the sushi boat joint on the corner as it doesn’t appeal to me.

The jewel of Japantown, IMO, is Gombei Restaurant, which serves Japanese lunch counter comfort food in midwest-sized portions. The food’s yummy, the portions large, and the price low. They just don’t have a sushi bar.

Time is “Monday”, so Cowgirl Jules can make it… No, let’s make it Tuesday for everyone else, that way I can flirt without interruption :wink:

Does everyone get off work about the same time out there?

I’m off work around 5-6PM, but if we have people who work at startups, we probably won’t see them until like 10PM :stuck_out_tongue:

So that would be Tuesday Nov. 13?

Seriously, probably Monday the 12th if Jules can get someone to wrangle the water system (no, I don’t know what that means either) and has already got the kids taken care of.

Now, if Brocade suddenly has a travel blackout, I’m not going to be a happy camper!

Yes, I got the water system babysat. And hey! The girls in the office tell me I have that day off too. So I can be out there at a reasonable time. Otherwise I’d be holding everyone else up, what with the travel time and all.

So, where then?

And bring pictures of elk.

Hey, count me in! A mini-Dopefest practically next door! I have jury duty that week, but Monday is a holiday, so that won’t be a problem.

If it happens, it’d be a Dopefest I could go to for a change. I just can’t make the trek up to SF for those City Dopefests. Any day would be fine with me.

Tuesday the 13[sup]th[/sup] would be best for me, but Monday the 12[sup]th[/sup] is fine, too.

Some of you San Jose people should figure out the details since I know nothing about the place. I figure I’ll probably be done at the office by 5:30 or so Monday - Thursday.

Tech Museum looks to be open until 9:00, so that’s a go.

I probably should spend at least one evening studying the stuff that I’m being sent there for, and I’ll need beer for that.

My worthless excuse for a hunting partner just canceled. Opening day is Saturday, we were to leave at 6:00AM tomorrow. Doesn’t look like I’ll have elk pictures…

You’re kidding. Do I need to fly out there and slap some sense into your hunting partners? Do they not know how good they have it? Send them out here for a few years, and they won’t take it for granted again!

If Japantown is a big place with lots to choose from, perhaps we should meet somewhere centrally and pick one on the fly? Nah, that’d be a committee, wouldn’t it?

I have a friend in San Jose; if nobody steps up to pick a place, I’ll ask her for a recommendation and be bossy. I’m good at that.

I’m gonna make sure that my dopefest blows yalls dopefest out of the water. I’m gonna have celebrities and pyrotechnics and pony rides and a castle bounce, and i’ll be wearing a lampshade on my head, and you’re all going to be SO SORRY you didn’t come to the city.

I’m not much of a sushi person, so as long as the place has sushi AND something else, I’m cool with that. Other than that, I’m down for basically any kind of bar/restaurant. My official vote though, would be for The Counter, that I mentioned earlier. :stuck_out_tongue: