San Pedro de Macoris meaning

Can anyone clarify for me this question about this region in the Dominican Republic?

Am I correct in assuming that there is no Saint Peter of Macoris. The area is named after St. Peter (pope, apostle, guy in denial) and “Macoris” is a name for the region overall?

Since there is also a San Francisco de Macoris I presume that to be the case, although it is not all that close to San Pedro.

After I dug a little further, it seems that the “Macorix” were a Taino group that inhabited Hispaniola in pre-Columbian times.

Dominican here:

Yes, there is a San Pedro de Macorís and a San Francisco de Macorís. And yes, it refers to the Macorix tribe, nothing to do with the Catholic saints that precedes the names. There are a lot of towns here with mixed-up names like these. Basically add a saint´s name (usually the patron saint) to the town name.

Isn’t he the patron saint of shortstops?

That joke prompted my question actually.

Heh! :slight_smile: