Sanders leading in NH polls

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has rocketed past longtime front-runner Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, a stunning turn in a race once considered a lock for the former secretary of state, a new Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll shows.

Sanders leads Clinton 44-37 percent among likely Democratic primary voters, the first time the heavily favored Clinton has trailed in the 2016 primary campaign, according to the poll of 442 Granite-Staters.
As anathema as Sanders’ views are to me, it would be good to see boring, entitled, robotic, conniving Hillary being dropped into the dustbin of history where she belongs.

The public has little fondness for dynasties or “inevitable” candidates, whether they be named Clinton or Bush. Whether this is a mindset that will last through the fall of 2016 I haven’t a clue. But I do think both Hillary and Jeb! should be concerned.

Speaking as a Bernie supporter, 1) one poll doesn’t make an election and 2) this is not a particularly reliable pollster, having been conducted by someone who was fired from UNH (whose polls in turn are fairly poor quality).