Sandman (Gaiman) and Symbol to Prevent Nightmares

In one issue of Sandman comics (written by Neil Gaiman, but I don’t remember who the artist was at this point) there was a picture of a “symbol to prevent nightmares.”

Can anyone tell me which issue it was in?

(Once I know that, I’ll go and buy a back issue like an honest man…although if anyone could link to an image of the symbol, that would be nice too.)

Don’t need to know in a hurry; I kinda like my nightmares!

Might have been the one where he met Constantine. I seem to recall that’s what Constantine asked of him. Nope…just checked. Sandman agrees to do something about the nightmares, but no symbol.

Do you think you could narrow down the search to, say, beginning, middle, or end of the original series (versus the prequel or spinoffs)?

It’s definitely not in the Song of Orpheus.

I have this vague recollection of something like that mentioned in some short stories compiled from celebrity FanFic that were bundled and sold after the original series ended. But that was text (so no images), and since it was FanFic I suspect it’s not considered canon.

Still, I’ll browse my compilations. Narrowing the scope will help a lot.

There’s no such thing as a one-sided coin.

OK, now somebody’s got to go and monetize Möbius strips.

It was…um… No, I don’t remember if it was in the beginning, middle, or end of the run. If I were to guess, I’d start at issue 30, and start working both ways.

Oh, this may help; it wasn’t in the story itself, but in a kind of “data page.” A story extra, not a formal panel-and-baloon page.

My copies are all buried, good and deep. I was hoping someone would remember this…

(Google image search gives up nothin’.)

The necessity of nightmares was a running subtext of the series. Hence, rebuilding the Corinthian.

Just bumping to add, I only just now realized that what I’m looking for wasn’t in the regular panels of the comic, but in the end pages, like the letter column…which means it won’t be in any of the “graphic novel” collections. (Maybe?)


Ahh, well then it’s a futile search for me because all I have are the bound collections (and some decade I need to acquire the bound prequel set). They’re on a shelf, easy to access, but they won’t have the extras that the individual monthly magazines had.


Bummer… But thank’ee!

(I had to buy Steve Jackson’s “Hacker” just to get the “Net Ninja” graphic. I like graphics of this kind!)