Sandy and Jonas -WTF?

Our NJ home was substantially impacted by Sandy with 14" of water in house. We made repairs and are just beginning the major process of elevating our house. The belongings that had to be stored to do this are now sitting in a not watertight pod in our driveway. The crew was there today in preparation for beginning work on Monday. The National Weather Service is saying that tide levels could come within a couple inches of Sandy levels. :eek: As happened with Sandy, a full moon takes place on Saturday when the storm will be at its peak locally. What are the odds of that? So, we are paying the pod guy $150 to come back and and re-set the pod on 10" blocks giving us 16" of clearance. Worst case scenario is we get nearly a foot of water in our repaired house. Oh, the joys of living at the beach!

Yes, building houses on the beach is a dumb idea. And yet we continue to encourage it through rather moronic government insurance schemes which only exist because actual insurance companies are well aware that building houses on the beach is a dumb idea.

ETA: Sorry for all the shit you’re going through, tho. Weather sucks.