Santa brought dinner from Kreuz Market!

Last night the jolly old elf himself* left an insulated shipment from Kreuz Market on my doorstep! Inside were five frozen pork chops and 25 hotlinks!

I have been very good this year and Santa knows it. :smiley:

[sub]*Thanks Dad[/sub]

If’n you’re cooking up the hotlinks, I’m on my way over.

No brisket? You couldn’t have been that good!

German style barbecue?

Hill Country central Texas Germans, to be exact.

Food of the gods I tells ya.

You have no idea. That entire area of Texas is filled with the bestest BBQ on the planet. I, personally am partial to Smitty’s, but Kreuz is right up there. But the lack of brisket is still puzzling.

Shipment? Frozen? I’m 20 minutes away, and I have all week off next week. Maybe Santa will go eat dinner at Kreuz market. Or maybe lunch at Kreuz and dinner at Black’s.

Santa delivers from Kreutz? I thought it was supposed to be Kyrgyzstan :confused:

silenus, you may be right about the lack of brisket. I will endeavor to be ever nicer next year in hopes that Santa will reward me thusly.

aktep, will you marry me?