Santa can go to hell

But… But…

Santa Claws saved us from the Martians!

With an 8 yr old Pia Zadora, sure, but still!

And while I’m here… Lucifer (Shining One) refers primarily to the King(s) of Babylon, not to Satan. Biblically, anyways…

Cheers! :slight_smile:

One cite among many. Just to beat all the *Cite?*s that always crop up about this…


Well, Tars, maybe Santa will be on the spacecraft that is scheduled to touch down in aproximately your vicinity (Mars) on Christmas day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Adam. Want a candy cane?

Santa only gets one day a year, it’s not his fault that stores have commericalized it so badly. This tirade needs to end. I think the fact that the Romans nailed Santa to a cross, yet he still rose three days later to deliver presents to all the little boys and girls, thereby giving us Christmas day to celebrate, should warm all of our hearts and make us respect our fellow man or woman. It’s not Santa’s fault that he had to stop going to the poor areas, he was forced into that decision. After the 1994 incident where he was sled-jacked for crack money, he had to modify his routes.

Just because you hate America and want to destroy it, stop attacking Santa. Every attack on Christmas or America makes baby Santa cry. Right now Bin Laden is laughing because he is closer to victory because of you.