Sapo suspended

Sapo has been suspended for violating the prime directive of the SDMB:

“We have one guiding principle: Don’t be a jerk.”

… and this rule of the Pit in particular:

“If we feel your primary reason for being here is to complain about the board and/or the moderators, you may be invited to go find another board that is more to your liking.”

Sapo in our view has made it abundantly clear that his primary reason for being here is to complain. Evidence:

“Still, I will remain a persistent asshole for as long as I stay.”

Thread titled “Fuck off, idiots,” which he posted in ATMB (no link available; thread deleted).

Several PMs and emails in which he was abusive with staff members, including Frank and TubaDiva

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The last straw was Sapo’s recent FOAD response to Lynn Bodoni - a minor matter in itself, but indicative of the attitude we’ve been dealing with. The SDMB registration agreement states: “Please remember that you are our guest here, and that we reserve the right to exclude you at our whim, for any or no reason whatsoever.”

Accordingly, we’ve decided on the following:

  1. Sapo is suspended for two weeks.

  2. Sapo is warned he’s on thin ice. We won’t tolerate any more griping or abuse from him. If he has a comment to make, it’s in his interest to make it politely, and without any negativity, and only once. If he is unclear about how to comply with this requirement he should contact a staff member and await a response before posting. Continued jerklike behavior will result in his being banned without further notice.