Why were these people banned?

It looks like it was a busy weekend for the SDMB mods. In quick sucession, Raoul Anatherwan, Parameter Π&#178 , and Sea Sorbust were all banned. I don’t usually post threads asking why such and such was banned, but I thought this situation odd when I found all three of them in the same thread. They don’t seem to be socks of each other, because why would anyone create a sock to disagree with himself? Raoul and parameter could be socks of other posters, but Sea Sorbust has seemingly been around too long for that.

I couldn’t care less about Raoul, but Parameter Π&#178 looked like he might have turned into an interesting poster and I definately will miss Sea Sorbust. The guy had a bizarre obsession with asteroid defense and more loops than Toucan Sam, but he’d been around a while and seemed nice enough. I can’t find any evidence of the three behaving inapropriately, so what’s up?

Due to the massive constraints placed on the SDMB server due to the overwhelming number of posters on this board, each week four Dopers are randomly selected by computer for an automactic banning.

You know your number’s up when that light in your palm starts blinking.

Users are allowed only one name.

From evidence provided to us, based upon IP numbers and occasions where Sorbust answered questions that had been asked of Paramet, it was obvious that someone was playing with socks. Therefore, that someone is gone.


My dog is in big trouble

It certainly wasn’t that easy with Bill Clinton.

Question asked, question answered. Thanks, John.

Move along people, nothing to see here.

Suppose that a family of 4 all use the same computer and the same ISP. And also suppose that all 4 members of that family are registered at Straightdope. Now, suppose that family member #1 asks a question, then logs off and goes to bed. During the next few hours, family members 2, 3,and 4 all log in at various times and answer the question. Since they all come from the same ISP, then who will be wrongfully banned? How is the decision made to ban one or more of them or do you just ban all of them to get rid of the problem? That is, if there really is a problem.

That’s what I was wunderin. From what I vaguely remember, Mr. Sorbust was a student at some school who was using the library’s 'puter to warn us of our impending peril. I thought I remembered him saying that he had told other members of the tin-foil hat club about us and encouraged them to join.

Of course the mods know better than I, but I think it’s a good question.

That happens to me about once a week or so. My wife is Edlyn, and she posts so seldom that I’m not used to checking. But I’m fairly certain that the mods and admins are aware of this, and I am always careful to disclaim anything that I post with Edlyn’s name, and identify myself as the actual poster.

In such a case, I would think the logical thing to do is to send an email to the appropriate mods explaining that your family, all being brilliant Straight Dope enthusiasts of course, will post from the same computer. Tell them the screenames that y’all will use and I think there should be no problem after that.

Dear Mr. Moderator, sir, um…do you have something against SCHIZOPHRENIA??
"Shut up you little twerp! You wanna get the both of us kicked out of here, too!

“I told you to leave me alone! Go back into that little hole you crawled out of!”

“Don’t tell me what to do!! You know I’m your master!”

“No, you’re not!”

“Yes, I am!”

“No, you’re not!”

“Yes, I am!”

“Nurse…hurry up with my goddamn pills, already!!!”

The mods and admins, being human, are sympathetic to the idea of “the family that SD’s together…” but not to sock puppetry. When made aware that, e.g., Lib and Edlyn are a married couple, or matt_mcl and hamish are roommates, they accept that two people may use the same ISP or perhaps even the same IP number and/or computer.

The Raoul name was such a dead giveaway of a sock that I didn’t even bother to read the thread where I saw the name. Anatherwan = “Another One.” Sheesh.

cheezit & duck

From what I have seen, there are people here who share computers quite happily, and the board admins know of it. One sees the occasional retraction because they forgot to log their significant other out of their system before posting. Some people are forced to share computers (altho school students aren’t necessarily limited to public PC’s in all cases), and should suspicion of sock puppetry arise, I’m sure these folks have worked things out with the Mods. It is their decision, after all, as to what constitutes sufficient proof of innocence or guilt in such a case.

I would also think the mods and admins would take into consideration how contentious the posts are.

After all, should my daughter, Sakura, accidentally post under my user name, or I under hers, it would not likely be to engage in a thread in a manner that would suggest sock puppetry.

Just another mitigating circumstance in the “same computer/same ISP” dilemma.

Even better than that, Raoul Anatherwan, said fast, is: “Roll Another One”.

And Sea Sorbust is Cease or Bust.

If posters in good standing happen to post as a registered family member/roommate/concubine/harem member, a quick explanation will suffice. On the boards, and if possible, also in an e-mail so we know what’s going on.

No worries, no one gets banned solely for accidently posting as their husband.

When I was posting over at the Exite message boards (where they actually encouraged multiple screen names for a single poster) I did this once. I started a thread, and nobody responded, so I changed screen names and posted again, disagreeing with myself, quite vociferously I might add. I continued to argue with myself for about a dozen posts, when some outsider intruded, taking the side of my second identity. I joined her in arguing with the other me for several days, until the first me admitted defeat and quit in a huff.

I would never do this here, though.