Sapporo, what to do there? NEED ANSWER FAST

My train to Sapporo leaves in 10 hours. I will be there for three days. What do y’all recommend I see?

As of right now my itinerary includes a theme park, lots of miso ramen, and possibly Japan’s largest pink house :wink:

Thanks in advance for any forthcoming advice, and sorry for kinda pushing this thread to the last minute. ぎりぎりだね!

go to the brewery.

If I go to the brewery in the late afternoon, should I not make any complicated plans for the evening (as in I will probably be three sheets to the wind)?

I concur with China Guy. You can’t visit Sapporo without drinking some beer. Plus, they have a beer museum. Have fun!

I didn’t even know it was a place, I just thought it was a sick type of beer in a fancy can! I could spend three days with that.

But benders aren’t a good idea if you’re vacationing somewhere exotic, lol…

Pfft. If you want beer, and you already said ramen was definitely on the menu, why not go for a two-fer and spend most of your time on ラーメン横著. They have beer and so many ramen shops your head will spin!! :slight_smile:

So what takes you to Sapporo?

Are you able to make a few small side trips? I like Noribetsu (hot springs, Jigokudani) and Otaru, which are somewhat near Sapporo. For Sapporo proper, I’ve only been to Odori Park and the Olympic ski jump stadium, both of which were kind of “mehh”. Just eat!!! The food is fantastic there.

I could probably make one day-trip. I hear Otaru is nice, but I really like hot springs too.

I’m going to Sapporo because I live in Aomori, Japan now teaching English. I’m going with a group of friends. I’ll have more opportunities in the future, but I don’t want to waste any time ^^

The food is freakin awesome. Just go to eat seafood.

I spent my time at the Daisetsusan National park and just transited through Sapporo.

The brewery did a tour (1989) then there was a room with long tables and cans and cans of beer. nothing on tap. I distinctly remember ‘on the rocks’ beer that was brewed extra strong and tasty and meant to pour over ice in the summer. It was pretty good and I never saw it anywhere else.

Well I am at Rusutsu Resort right now. It’s a fun little theme park and resort. It’s raining though soooo… that’s a bummer. Tonight I’ll probably take a nap and then hit the nightlife.

Eat a crab.

Yes! The crabs were the highlight of my stay in Sapporo.

I’ve been there several times for snowboarding…Isn’t that way way way the hell out there, though, like a good long bus ride from Sapporo, or am I thinking of someplace else?

The mainland has FINALLY cooled down, and I bet you’ve got nice comfy temperatures up thar, too. Enjoy!

Indeed, it was a 2 hour bus ride from Sapporo. Free though. I mean the bus ride.

In any case, I’m back and I think my liver is on strike. Seriously… oof.

My favorite part was getting the phone-mail of the schizophrenic lolita. It was like from an anime! More stories available upon request ^^

Tell us some stories!! :slight_smile: