Sarah Palin attacks the President on foreign soil

Looks like Jimmy Joe gnawed his way through the leather straps again. Better get the trank gun and the net before he starts pestering the livestock…

Don’t worry, Jimmy. You still have pride-of-place in the SDMB toolbox.

Did you think this OP was clever?

Don’t worry Jimmy, the messiah Glenn Beck will rescue you from the Obamanation. Just keep the faith.


Why would you think anybody cares what Sarah Palin is saying, regardless of what type of soil she is on?

“Chan Ho, did you understand any of that?”
“Dunno. Americans. So inscrutable…”

Not that it’s really all that relevant, because I don’t mind that Sarah Palin said whatever she said overseas, but I’m curious as to exactly what behavior you are talking about here.

I don’t get it. You’re pointing out something retarded a republican did, and then blaming it on the democrats, because when someone did the same thing a few years ago, the republicans freaked out about it.

If anything, the republicans are the hypocrites. They’re the ones who said “you don’t criticize president on foreign soil” and then did it themselves.

On the other hand, here’s how the democrats are relevant to this topic:

…they aren’t.

Last November was really a blow, wasn’t it? Poor you. Poor, poor you.

How old is she? How long until we can just stick her on a floe and be done with the whole flaky mess?

He’s apparently thinks he’s satirizing this thread. But the satire doesn’t make any sense, RW pundits really did say that criticizing the Presidents overseas was traitorous, while leftwing pundits never said doing so automatically makes you “a loyal American patriot”.

Also, if he does think he has a devastating take down of DtC’s OP in the linked thread, one wishes he would post it in that thread so people involved in the conversation could see it and those who aren’t wouldn’t waste time reading a more or less incomprehensible OP.

Thanks. I retract my curiosity. OP is an idiot, as expected.

So Sarah is a big fan of the Chinese form of governement?

Because she is doing it to build up foreign policy credentials in her next run at the top of the repub ticket, it matters. She is all they have. They could not allow her to waste her talents in the tundra. They had to remove her and try and educate and flesh out her resume. I do not know how this will do it, but that appears to be the plan. I am sure they have supplied her with a remedial political tutor to teach her what to say. It will not be easy. She is starting from the bottom.

In fairness, I’m not sure she realizes China is another form of government. She just thinks she’s in a really really really big Chinatown.

I’m curious who the hell in China is interested in what Palin has to say. She has no political power whatever (she’s not even a governor anymore), they have no votes, so what’s the appeal? Is it just a front to funnel money to her somehow?

Sara Palin in the new Ugly American. (remember those?)

With a domestic TERRERIST?

Eh, I’d rather base my life on Krusty’s teachings.

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