Sarah Palin attacks the President on foreign soil

I think you forgot to mention the part about it being a private party, closed to the media.

Huckabee won the Value Voters poll, not Palin.
Palin came in dead last.
Forget Huckabee at your own peril!!!

They were identically titled, yes, but one was attempting to be a parody of the other one.

Ooh, this is so deliciously confusing now.

Holy shit. Sorry folks. Well, have fun with it!

I’ll address **Jimmy Joe’s **OP.

When the Dixie Chicks said that shit, not one liberal jumped up and said, “Gosh what patriots they are.” What happened was, they said what they said, and were immediately branded as traitors by you and your retarded ilk … that’s when the liberals piped up and said, “Right-wing, stop being such fucking idiots.”

Apparently the advice didn’t take.

I know, right? And now they have both lost their shot at Sequential Threads.

for the record, Jimmy Joe, I never said I had any problem with what Palin said. She can say whatever she wants. I just want to see if the right wing echo chamber is going to be as consistent as I am.

Eight months. It’s been 8 months. The woman can’t even count, FFS.

FTR, in this thread, I am calling JJM, rather than DtC, an idiot.

I hope those that were confused, are no longer confused, and we can all get on with our lives.

You got it in one. Reports put her fee for this speaking engagement in the low six figures.

She does private parties now? Cool! I wonder if I can get her for my next birthday! It’ll be the best one since I was three and we had a pony.

How is that relevant?

I’ll be your private speaker
A speaker for money
Say what you want me to say …

Oh for Christ’s sake, it’s a ludicrous ‘rule’ anyway (and yes, I thought that when the Repubs were pontificating about it too). Why the hell shouldn’t Americans criticize their leader on foreign soil? It’s bullshit and redolent of, “Shhh! Not in front of the servants, dear.”

So she punks out as a keynote speaker on all sorts of Conservative American groups, but can make time for the Communist Chinese? I love it!

I don’t think anyone is saying this here. The critical thing is that certain people are not saying this here, and should in order to be consistent, even if they are wrong.

Yes, I did. Even watched Breitbart’s video of a part of the speech. You do realize none of the accounts are from a professional, reliable source? The AFP story is not a media transcription, it’s all heresay of unknown persons who may or may not be objective. They’re not reporters, they’re anonymous conference attendees. Accounts of the speech are across the spectrum. That story is off the charts different from what CNN, MSNBC and others report. The sheer inconsistency doesn’t give you pause? I can’t find anything reputable online that’s picked up the notion she’s attacking Obama.

For the record I think she’s a bloomin’ idiot and is as objectionable of a candidate as could be imagined. I’m also not interested in anything your “right wing echo chamber” has to say. But this… this hits the cutting room floor of a Levi Johnston interview.

And the Dixie Chicks were right in the middle of a live press conference on international TV ?

Most people recognize that different standards of etiquette and behaviour apply for private vs public events.

Maybe it’s some sort of Dracula thing, where the soil (and where it came from) matters? :eek:

Hmmm. Maybe Obama and Palin can meet for a fight to the death. The Colliseum, like in the famous Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris fight scene. :smiley: