Sarah Palin attacks the President on foreign soil

Remember that rule the Republicans made up a few years ago about how criticizing the President of the United States on foreign soil makes you a treasonous, anti-American terrorist? Remember how incensed they all got when the Dixie Chicks made an offhand joke about Bush at a concert in England?

Well, now the disgraced former Governor of Aaska and prominent deather, Sarah Palin has launched an assault on President Obama during an speech in Hong Kong.

Surely, we can expect Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and all other right wing media muppet heads to denounce and disavow this behavior with all the same vigor and passion they showed for a country singer making a joke about GWB, right? Right?
My question to the board’s righties – were conservatives full of shit when they said they cared about the Dixie Chicks doing it, or is Sarah Palin equally anti-American?

I think she’s anti-American without saying a word.

Well, IIRC, the actual complaint was about criticizing US foreign policy while overseas. Either the critic or the president. Not that it matters; Republicans have done that to Obama, too.

This is why they say that B. Hussein Obama is not really the president, so attacking him is not really unpatriotic. Of course, that means they should only say nice things about President Biden, but they aren’t clever enough to have thought through to that point.

Since Obama was born in Kenya, he’s not actually President, so Palin has done nothing at all wrong. Nice try, though, you, you…socialist, you.

Oh, and Giles? I hate you.

I’m surprised that anyone gives a crap about what Sarah Palin or the Dixie Chicks have to say about an American president. They are both irrelevant figures when it comes to setting national policy.

Anyway, why should it matter what country someone is in when they say something? And why do you care what Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity think?

Ooh - I know this one! Because some people believe them, and base their lives on Rush and Hannity’s teachings!

You joke right. She is traveling abroad trying to build foreign experience credentials for her run in 2012. This is a try to make her acceptable politically instead of a beauty queen rube. She does not have to know anything, just look like it to the repubs who can drop billions on her to get a her elected.

The Dixie Chicks didn’t criticize Bush’s foreign policy, they just said they were embarrassed to be from the same state as he was.

Maybe if we act quickly, the State Department can revoke her passport. Let the rest of the world be stuck with her.

Weird, CNN covered the exact same speech and it sure reads differently. *“She didn’t get (into) anything too harsh … just kept it, five children, my husband’s here, we believe in what Asia’s doing, America has a way to go to get itself back together, Reaganism.” *

In its only mention of Obama: “He said she shied from discussing U.S. politics, though she did say it had been 10 months since Obama took office and Americans were questioning whether he had made significant headway.”

Of course some politics are going to be discussed. For Pete’s sake it’s a speech to investors. But “attack”? She’s idiotic enough with all the moose talk. No need to cry wolf as well.

I have always thought that some conservatives have a blind spot when it comes to accusations of traitorous behavior and lack of patriotism. They hurl such insults freely, but then try to defend their own violations of the same standards with red herrings, like the ‘foreign soil’ exemption. Do they realize that radio waves (and internet streaming) reach foreign soil? Apparently Rush “America-Held-Hostage” Limbaugh and Gordon “Coward in Chief” Liddy flunked high school physics.

The problem with such people seems to be a (usually) unacknowledged belief that you can’t be patriotic unless you’re a conservative (whatever ‘conservative’ means this week), which is about as true as the claims by some liberals that only white people can be racist.

So, dissent by conservatives is in service of the greater good (conservatism triumphing), so it’s OK.

Incidentally, I don’t have a problem with a lot of the things she said. I voted for Obama, but I think the spending is excessive, and will cause major problems down the road. I’d be more likely to take her seriously if the Republicans had demonstrated some sign of fiscal restraint in the six years they controlled everything.

Once the Chinese find out that she’s not Tina Fey I wonder if they’ll demand their money back.

Sorry, Kyoto Protocols. No more dumping bags of hot air any old where.

So Palin went to a Communist country and denounced the President and current administration for her hosts.

All she needs now is the helmet.

Remember that rule the Democrats made up a few years ago about how criticizing the President of the United States on foreign soil makes you a loyal, American patriot? Remember how gleeful they all got when the Dixie Chicks insulted Bush at a concert in England?

Well, now the former Governor of Aaska and well-known politician, Sarah Palin, has delivered criticism of President Obama during a speech in Hong Kong.

Surely, we can expect Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow and all other left wing media muppet heads to defend and affirm this behavior with all the same vigor and passion they showed for a country singer making a insult about GWB, right? Right? I mean… Left?
My question to the board’s lefties – are you all such ridiculously profound tools as Diogenes the Cynic?

Uh, yeah?

I disagree with her, but I don’t particularly have anything against her right to say it. It makes her and those who defend her major hypocrites, though.

It’s so cute how hard you try to play gotcha with lefties, though. Do keep it up.

Yeah, dude, you appear to be arguing against criticism that is unlikely to occur. I’ll go so far as to fearlessly predict that not one single lefty will appear here arguing against Sarah Palin’s right to say whatever she wants to say, whether on foreign soil or not.

Did you read the Breitbart article?

That sounds like she attacked Obama to me…certainly more than the Dixie Chicks attacked GWB. She even repeated the “death panel” garbage.