Sarah Palin: Dominionist or No

Palin has been accused of being a dominionist. To me, it’s a case of “if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…”

But solid evidence seems to be a bit lacking. Is there some real evidence to back it up?

You mean this kind of dominionism?

I’m sure many conservative men can picture her in leather as a Dominionist, but she does nothing for me.

Indeed exactly so.

An example:

This is Conspiracy-Theorizing of the Left. She goes to this church! Some people use this terminology! Other people who use this terminology are dangerous fanatics! It’s this sort of crap that caused me to leave the John Birch Society.
When Sarah Palin talks about Christians taking the reigns of society & enforcing Biblical Law, then she can be called a Dominionist.

Btw, I don’t think being a Dominionist is necessarily a bad thing. There are a wide variety of Dominionisms. I could make a case that Barack Obama is a liberal Dominionist. G

No, there aren’t.

No, you couldn’t.

Yes there is. There’s the Kingdom Now/Word of Faith Pentecostals, which includes the DailyKos bugaboo of “Joel’s Army”, there’s the Christian Reconstructionists; there’s various forms of Christian conservatives & theological Post-Millenialists who wouldn’t identify with either of the two previous groups. In the first two groups, there are splinters & rivalries. If one has a broad definition of “a nation governed by a conservative Christian understanding of biblical law”, then that includes a LOT of people who have a LOT of differences with each other.

Re Barack- No, I couldn’t, really. I was being flippant.

EXCEPT if I played the “This person associates with that person, who reads this book by this pastor, who uses this church music, which is produced by another church which teaches Dominionism” guilt-by-association game. Granted- right now my side is more interested in using that to link Obama to Communists & terrorists. But I bet someone who really tried could link Obama up somehow.
Heck, there was Hillary’s conncection with the sinister cue organ music “The Family”! Wait… has Barack attended the National Prayer Breakfast? HMMM!


I misread and thought you were asking if she was a dominatrix.:smiley:

Never mind, carry on.

Now now, just because she wants to walk over the entire country and crush them in spiked heels does not make her a dominatrix

Probably, Palin’s in Joel’s Army about as much as Barry’s in the Nation of Islam.

Me too, and I was going to answer with a resounding “YES!”

Well, I was going by this:

Not much difference there in content of doctrine. The disctinct subsects you point out are interesting to know about, ignorance fought, but from a non-Dominionist POV they’re distinctions without differences – just variant flavors of shit, as you, good Christian that you are, know as well as I.

My understanding is that the name comes from the idea that God gave Adam “dominion” over all the earth, and this is interpreted as meaning that we do NOT need to worry about the environment or animal extinctions or conservation, God will take care of everything and has told us that whatever we do is OK.

It would be useful to know if this is indeed among Palin’s beliefs.

I figured it was someone who worshipped shapeshifters and wanted all solids to be under their rule.

Although I believe the terms “dominionism” and “dominion theology” do come from Genesis 1:28, and although some Christian conservatives do (based on this and other passages in the Bible) take the sort of attitude towards environmentalism that’s described, in American politics dominionism or dominion theology are usually taken to mean the idea that Christians ought to have dominion over the broader society–as R.J. Rushdoony put it, that “[o]ur lives, families, churches, schools, states, and vocations, as well as all things else, must be totally dedicated to God” (that is, to the God of Calvinist Christianity)–and therefore that Christians ought to govern and that the state ought to be explicitly Christian. In its more extreme form, this is coupled with the idea of theonomy or God’s law: That not only should Christians rule, but that they should govern in accordance with (their interpretation of) Biblical law; i.e., government enforcement of laws against sodomy, blasphemy, and idolatry, even up to making those things capital crimes.

The best-developed school of this sort of dominionism/theonomy is the Christian Reconstructionist movement (founded back in the '70’s by the late R.J. Rushdoony quoted above, from the extreme conservative fringes of American Presbyterianism); there are also other groups, most notably the “Kingdom Now” movement mentioned by FriarTed, which are theologically very distinct (Reconstructionists being very Calvinistic, and Kingdom Now being from the more wild reaches of Pentecostalism, which theologically speaking is mostly pretty anathema to conservative Calvinists).

I have no idea if Sarah Palin is even remotely tied to any of this. Given the genuinely scary ideas associated with dominionism and theonomy–there are some really choice quotes from Rushdoony and other Reconstructionist leaders about “death without mercy” to idolaters and the need to deny religious liberty to the “enemies of God”–there is a tendency among some on the left to play at McCarthyite-style “connect the dots” to tie all sorts of conservatives and right-wingers in with the extremists of the dominionist movements. Most of the time this probably has about as much validity as the claims of some on that right that every union organizer or ACLU member is some sort of Communist; on the other hand, if any of these guys are getting anywhere close to political power in this country, we definitely need to know about it.

Granted, which I think was your main point, FriarTed, we have no more reason to believe Palin is an actual Dominionist of any kind than we have to believe Obama is a black liberation theologian.

But if both were true, the latter is by any measure preferable to the former.

Actually, I wasn’t thinking of that as my main point. I wish it was. That’s pretty good.

So let’s say that yeah, I meant to say that all along!:smiley:

I was raised in a church where that belief was very common, but a reading of the teachings of Jesus persuaded me it was exactly backwards. A creator loves his creation, & Jesus was a prophet of vengeance on the wicked.

“Soft dominionism” might be a possible description of Palin’s beliefs, going by this article:

I think it’s fair to say that whether or not Palin is herself a soft dominionist, she certainly pals around with some soft dominionists.

There are Christian environmentalists who interpret that passage as meaning God gave humanity only “stewardship” over the Earth, and will hold us accountable for how we take care of it.