Sarah Palin pronunciation

I just heard the speech by Sarah Palin. She must have learned something from George Bush. She pronounces Nuclear as “Nucular.” Ugh… Can’t someone tell her the correct way to pronounce it.

Send it here.

I sent my comment via that form, and did it politely. I even made it sound like I was a supporter. We’ll see if she emails back. I live in a battleground state, so maybe. But I should’ve used her yahoo account probably…

She’s just so darned cute. To be fair, there are some people that should know better and still pronounce it that way, maybe as part of a regional accent. I’m fairly certain that Jimmy Carter used the “nukular” variant, and he served on nuclear-powered subs in the Navy, iirc.

Oh, for fuck’s sake, who gives a shit how any politician pronounces the word “nuclear.”

I’ve heard that bandied about, but from the clips I could find on You Tube, Jimmy Carter seems to say something that sounds more like “nukier” than anything else. Not that it makes much of a difference, it’s still not “nuclear.”

Hey! I am absolutely ecstatic that we’ll have a president who can pronounce it correctly. It shows that he might actually know something about what he’s talking about.

Agreed. I think Dennis Miller started all of this.
ETA: link.

Just on the off chance that she and McCain might win, I don’t want her to have my name and address.

Apparently the OP does.

Carter never served on a nuclear sub, Nautilus having been launched more than a year after he left the Navy.

You’re correct, but he did train for it (per Wiki):

So he should have had at least a passing familiarity with the correct pronunciation, even before he became CIC.