Sarcastic Font

I think it’s time. It’s 2012 and yet when I email reply “douche bag” to someone they dont know if i’m angry or joking. I think we as a bright light in the dark world of ignorance need to make our mark as an internet family unit (IFU) (probably need to work on the group name) and develop, market, and just out and out flood the internet(s) with a new font.

We can call it SDMB and it could signal a turning point in how the world communicates and most importantly understands each other.

The font has to be obvious, supported by Outlook (take a breath apple geeks, Outlook is still the world standard for now so lets start there) and either something people can load into their existing font libraries or be a combination of existing key strokes/symbols.

If you are up for it I’m more than happy to coordinate and do my best to publish. and market it. So my thought… Post your world changing ideas here and email it to me as well here at the Dope.

I will gather the response and in the Polls section of the board will list all the options and allow us as a group to vote on it. Once a winner is decided we release the hounds! If nothing else maybe we as a IFU (yeah, needs work) can just decide to use the new Font strictly on the SDMB. Probably help a ton over in GD.

Not sure how much time we will need for the entry portion, I guess it depends on the number of responses… 2 responses and we can probably just wrap this up on 2/4… 50 responses and maybe we leave it going until end of month.

Crank up the thought engines and lets see if we can do better thanthese guys.

There already is one: Comic Sans.

yeah, but unless your a font expert how do you pick that out without highlighting and the checking. There has be something that is just easily recognized and yet easy to do… has to be out there somewhere…

I’ve always found wing dings to be the most sarcastic font.

Comic Sans is Poe’s law personified. You can’t tell if the writer is being annoyingly cutesy, or ironically annoyingly cutesy,

Somebody came up with a punctuation mark for this pupose. The article is two years old, and suffice it to say, the mark has yet to catch on in any meaningful way. So please forgive me if I don’t hold my breath waiting for your new font to take off.

There’s a dearth of cool fonts available. Most of us carry way too many on our computers. If I used something really odd and interesting, chances are the receiver will be seeing it with his default font anyway. Therefore, I’m not wasting my time. I am completely able to communicate my thoughts, even sarcastic ones, using plain old words.

PS. I have left strict instructions for anyone to shoot me if I ever pay money separately to purchase a font.

Judging by Dob’s reply, you also can’t tell if the writer is being sarcastic.

A friend and I just type [/sarc] at the end of comments.