why does everyone hate comic sans?

I am just curious really. I don’t understand what the problem is, or why it is almost universally considered evil. I am not saying I love it or anything, but I don’t find it especially offensive. I wouldn’t use it on a term paper or report for work obviously, but what is the big deal? How and why did this comic sans hating start?

Personal observation with no attempt to address “why everyone” does anything: my associations with the font have come by way of obnoxious people who use that approach to belittle others. It’s not the font’s fault assholes seem to gravitate to it. YMMV

Because it’s a hideous, ugly, disjointed, annoying turd of a font. That’s why.

(Mind you, most sans serif typefaces aren’t much better.)

To me, it always brings to mind some Jean Teasdale-esque woman, typing a memo or newsletter or flyer, and looking for the *OMG cutest * font she can find. Since Comic Sans is the only remotely girly of the stock MS fonts…bingo.

Sorry…too many bad experiences grading papers in college. I’ve come to associate the font with badly researched, badly written papers by people named Ashley and Brittany.

I think it’s an unconscious recognition that it’s the “Gilligan’s Island credits” font that makes the reader feel that they must have something better to do than read this.

A quote from an editor I worked on a college literary and news magazine with:

“Comic Sans is for dumb sorority girls to use in their AIM profiles.”

I then looked at the buddy info for what few sorority girls were actually there…out of the four, three had comic sans.

There are plenty of available fonts out there that are better than comic sans. I’ve got around ten comic book, comic strip, and animation fonts and their variants. People use comic sans because it’s a stock font on Windows. (Combined with a bit of stupidity.)
I wouldn’t ever use it, but I don’t hate it.
What I hate is Papyrus.
I hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it. If I could, I’d do to Papyrus what George Lucas wants to do to the Star Wars Christmas Special.

I dunno if you’re asking specifically in regards to this board, but this board prides itself on substance over style (no avatars, sigs are simple, no animated smilies, no colored text, etc). Since so much of the board is uniform (which is good, considering what the board is about), any deviation distracts from the message a given post is trying to convey.

Send your Ashleys and Brittanys to me! I’ll sort em out real good for ya.

Bolding mine.

Probably for the same reason people are sick of Eminem: over used/played.

Go to any “n00b” site on Geocities sometime, nine chances out of ten they’ll have Comic Sans as their font. It just gets annoying.


No kidding. I didn’t know about the hate for this font. I kinda like it – to the degree I like any font. It’s readable and attractive. I use it on my business website.

Hmm - guess I learned something new. I don’t fit the “profile”, but I used to use comic sans for my personal email font. I don’t know why, except I just liked the way it looked - not “businessy” and still easy to read.

I’ll never be able to use it again. :o

FWIW this is straight from the official Ban Comic Sans website

The site’s gotta be a gag…
I dislike the people that use comic sans more than the font itself. There’s just something about them and their over use of it and they often make the font size larger than normal and that just annoys me.

Just overused. I usually feel like someone who spends that much time choosing a font is trying to distract from the lack of content.

I think we can safely say that 99% of sane adults haven’t a clue what “Comic Sans” refers to. So it’s quite safe to say that not “everyone” hates Comic Sans. (Which I had to look up just now.) In fact, in the practical sense that 99% of the adult population may as well be “everyone,” “everyone” doesn’t give a crap.

Where I work, every document that comes out of HR is done in Comic Sans. Nuff said - those people are Grade A idjits.

As for sans serif fonts, many of them are quite beautiful, including the default for this board, which on my Mac comes out as Trebuchet. Other good sans serifs (IMO): Gill Sans (which has a magnificent lowercase g), Myriad, and Futura.

But producing business documents in Comic? All I can say is: :eek:

p.s. RickJay: In my experience, typographers are rarely what you would call sane, so no problem there. :smiley:

One recieves a lot of stupid “glurge” emails in one’s inbox that utilized multi-colored Comic Sans.

Think about the people who write and spread glurge.

Do you want to be like them? Ick.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Thank Og you posted this, I was wondering how I remained so ignorant of the great hatred towards Comics Sans.

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