Sarma...and other ethnic dishes

I just finished a LARGE bowl of Sarma…made by my Bosnian Baker. There are WAY too many variations to post just one way to make it.

What are your Favorite treats…FTR it took a year of cajoling to get her to make me some…

Anyone else have cravings?

cold sesame noodles, garlic green beans, from one of my favorite chinese places
deep fried cauliflower from my favorite indian place
deep fried artichoke hearts from a place that closed a number of years ago

We have a frywell at the house, but the batter mix tends to be proprietary and many places will not give out their recipes

None of the sesame noodle recipes duplicates the taste but it get sort of close

We don;t currently have a burner that will get the wok hot enough to do the beans right