I just got my SAT II chemistry score back, and it was a 600. I’d settle for a 600, since I had a horrible chem teacher, but it was in the 46th percentile, which pretty much sucks. I remember my cousin saying that she wasn’t even taking any SAT IIs (she gets much better grades than I do), and my Princeton Review “Best 311 Colleges” book doesn’t even mention SAT IIs (this book tells you what you’re gonna need to get into the college, pros and cons, etc.). But the thing is, all of my friends are taking them. So do I really need to take these tests?

Some colleges accept them for advanced placement (multiple pethways for this exist - SAT IIs, Ap exams, CLEPs, & tests adminstered by specific colleges/universities). Criteria for gatting credit/how much credit you actually get vary - good luck!

Sue from El Paso

I took those exams when they were still called Achievement Tests-- it is the same thing, right?-- and did really well. The scores were useful for impressing my guidance counselor and my geek friends, but they didn’t help me get into college at all.

I don’t really want to open a Pandora’s box here, but I keep hearing how the SATs are “culturally-biased”. Rather than debate the merits of this, I would like to see some examples of cultural bias in SAT questions. Does anyone know of any?

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SAT II are another way for universities to evaluate whether a student is a valid candidate for admission. You should probably just pick subjects you will do really well in, no matter what they are or what your major is supposedly going to be. The score is what’s important, to differentiate you from the other kids that have your comparable SAT I scores and gpa.

I work for a tutoring company that deals with this all the time. Take my word for it.