Satellite TV receiver boxes...

I just switched satellite tv providers from DirectTv to the DishNetwork, and frankly, its the best move I have done in years. This is not a commercial, its just that I get more benefits from DishNetwork and its much, much cheaper. The best part of DirectTv was their NFL package. For me, thats it.

My question is, what do I do with my old DirectTv satellite receiver boxes? Can they be used by anyone still? EBay maybe? I have taken out the plastic memory card with all my information. Or should I just put the boxes in the recycling bin?

Recycling bin.
People who want one will get one free when signing up with DirectTV. People with broken ones will get theirs replaced for free by DirectTV.

Sadly true. DirecTV makes it nearly impossible to activate a second-hand receiver. Couple that with their continuing move from MPEG2 1-LNB to MPEG4 5-LNB technology, you have something that has little to no value.

Don’t throw them away. DirecTV doesn’t always give free boxes. In most cases, they lease them to the customer, which adds up to about $60 a year per box. In other cases, if the box quits working, the customer has to pay for a new box.

Hell, if you don’t want 'em, box 'em up and I’ll send you a UPS tag to ship them to me. I could cut $15 off my bill every month by dumping the leased receivers.