Sauna == Burn Calories?

I’ve had a recent argument that a sauna actually burns calories.
My contention is that the metabolism actually slows to compensate for the lack of heat loss, and that a dunk in ice water would be more beneficial to weight loss.

While we are at it, while swaet bath at all?

What does that last sentence mean?

Actually, I thought that metabolism speeds up because your body has to start running its natural AC on high. It must require at least some extra energy to open up pores and pump out sweat.

And yeah, what *does * that last sentence mean?

I think it’s Gaelic for “why sweat-bathe at all?”

Not that we can call it a *medical *journal but: The Reader’s Digest suggested that we turn off the AC so to help lose weight so that our bodies were forced to use calories to help cool the body. (I don’t recall in which issue it was this year, but it was earlier this year.)

We have a sauna in our house, and use it quite often. Have not noticed any loss or gain of weight based on usage.

Why sweat bath at all? Because it feels good, it’s refreshing, and somehow you feel cleaner coming out of the sauna than a shower. Also good for colds and muscle aches. Nothing like going out for a long ski or snowshoe, and coming back to a hot sauna.

Around here if we want to experience intense, wet heat, we go outside. It works about 8 months a year.

Sweating sounds like burning very few calories as opposed to the energy regired to heat up anything put in or on your body. Remember those are Kcalories.

Going along the lines of a more recent article. how would the heat and sweating be more comfortable than not? The recent article mentioned that water retention == pain when there where muscle tears after working out? Wouldn’t that be called dehydration?