Sauron's Blog

I thought Sauron’s Blog was worthy of it’s own thread, rather than continuing to hijack the thread about reading the Silmarillion.

Sauron has added a new post to the blog today. Seems he’s not very light friendly this time, either. :smiley:

Enjoy and comment.

The link doesn’t work for me.

Works for me. Windows Vista, Firefox 3.0.8.


I can’t wait to read about his encounter with Ar-Pharazon! :smiley:

Link works for me. Not sure why it wouldn’t work for anyone else; it’s a standard webpage address, without need for authority or logging in or anything.

If you read carefully, some of the entries have comments left by other characters, like Gothmog and even Melkor himself. I keep waiting for Olorin to make a comment. :smiley:

He will undoubtedly have a smarmy explanation for how he has tricked Ar-Pharazon with his sudden apparent surrender. <lol>

Oh man, this is hilarious. I’m just reading through from the beginning now. :smiley:

I don’t know if Olorin has posted a comment yet, but Sauron at least has commented about Olorin:

Sauron has posted again. Note the day he chooses for his birthday. :smiley:

What’s so special about March 25?

Anyway, thanks for keeping us updated.

It’s the day the Frodo and Smeagol destroyed the Ring, ushering in the Fourth Age.

This is way cool! Thanks for the link!

Sauron has come out of hiding to post again to his blog. Read his comments about a certain race of upright bipedal, bilaterally symmetrical, four-limbed, endoskeletal, pentadactyl, binocular and binaural chordates. :smiley:

All that and they smell like poo.
I do love that blog!

Tentacles are cool.

An update: Sauron has posted again.

Priceless!!! :smiley:

About time! I’d been getting worried.

He’s chronicling something like 9000 + years. Takes time, it does. :stuck_out_tongue:

And he’s posted again!

I just read that, and came to post that same bit! Spewed soda I did, reading that! :smiley:

I also liked the bits about Melian excelling at enchanting then confusing, and Ulmo communicating through rivers, streams, rain and pissing. :stuck_out_tongue: Did Sauron develop the Candiru, do you think??