Savage Security Beasts! [alert: kitty photos inside!]

We have an elite security force at our house now. Cory is on security detail (no picture yet) and so is Pixie, as Head Security Fairy. Don’t let her cute looks deceive you!
She may look innocent enough…

But she’s a ferocious killer waiting to be unleashed!

Here you can see she is easily keeping an enormous lion and an ex-husband under tight control:
Watch it, boys!

Oh yes, make no mistake; she is to be feared. And you never know where she might be hiding!


Flander - whose plans involve getting a kitten in the very near future to play with his bunny

You realize she’s going to kill you in your sleep for putting that tutu on her. If you’re lucky.

I’d like to know how you got the little shirt and tutu on her.

This is quite possibly the cutest picture of my cat ever. My cats would never, ever, ever let me dress them up for any reason. Ever. They are still pretty cute though.

Aw hell, that’s nuthin’!

Drugs. And lots of them.


oh my…words fail me (mainly because I’m laughing my head off at that last pic)

This look on a cat’s face has only one meaning: “For this, you die.”


That kitty cat’s facial expression is the epitome of disgusted rolleyes!

Can I lolcat this? Pleeeeease?

Dude, after Nov. 4, I am SO changing my desktop wallpaper to that picture of your cat! (yeah yeah yeah, I drink Kool-aid. So what?)

“I represent the Krewe of DEATH. You will be in our parade.”

Sure, just put “OpalCat” for the photo credit and make sure you link to it here so we can see too!

There are more good “dressed up kitty” photos in the album for Cory–he is the world’s most laid back cat. He doesn’t care what you do to him as long as it doesn’t hurt. If it’s attention, it’s all good. For example, here he is chillin’ over a board game with my fiancé in his blue hoodie… and here he is in his SuperCat cape, being held off by the army from eating my other cat’s special food. He considers this to be a perfectly valid way to be held, as is this.

I have died from OpalCat kitteh cuteness.

The deed is done.

I think I messed it up, though - I put “OpalCat” in the “picture by” field but the finished lol says “dunno source”. :confused:


I don’t care how savage your securikitty is. Security t shirts and tutus don’t go together. At least not without black horsehide thighboots.

How can you be a Security Fairy without a tutu?