Kittehs in costumes (mostly)

In an attempt to be on topic with the forum, here are moar kitteh pics:

Random in a bowtie

Cory in a properly-labeled box

Cory the happy jester

Cory keeping the little kitteh in line
…and the other little kitteh in line

Hoodie Cory chillin’ over a board game

Superman Cory held at bay by the army

Super Cory does a trick

Kittehs in time out

Dressed up for the holidays

Waiting for trick-or-treaters

Dis not a fireman’s carry!

Ballerina kitteh

Security fairy kitteh is ferocious

The security crew protects the little guy

I can plays my trumpet!

…and a video of my kitteh


The little orange one looks like he’s saying, “Uh oh, busted!:smiley:

Those are awesome! Cory looks like he’s a blast to have around!

Cory is an awesome cat. They all are, actually, and none of them really minds being dressed up, either. (We never leave the outfits on them long. Just long enough for everyone to giggle and take a few pictures, then we take them off.)

Kittehs YAY!

My addiction has been soothed for today.