Savannah, GA advice

We’ve got a long weekend planned (tomorrow thru late Monday) and I’m looking for any “must do” things. Any touristy places that are more hype than substance and should be skipped? Casual dining, pubs, historical spots and outdoor stuff (walking is great but we will have access to a car). I’m aware of the Riverfront area and I’m sure we will be spending a lot of time and money there.

I thought the Ghost Tour (which you get tickets for on riverstreet) was well worth it - the guide had that perfect blend of humor and macabre. Even if you accept that ghosts are bunk, the history you get on the tour is pretty interesting.

If you’re a history buff, Fort Pulaski is maintained in great shape and is fairly inexpensive. Fort Jackson is less popular (since it’s not on the way to the beach), but I enjoyed it more.

As far as bars/restaurants/etc… eh, most of what’s you’ll find downtown and especially on river street is overpriced. The Pirate House is pricey but I still always go every time I’m in Savannah - the food is pretty good, it was an actual smuggling operation a few hundred years ago, and the ‘entertainment’ is good for adults and kids. Wet Willies is a must-try if you want frozen booze drinks. The rest of the stuff down there is take it or leave it.

The walking tours are free (not including the tip I guess) and very interesting if the weather works for you. Getting a good guide can make all the difference.

There is the nearby Wormsloe plantation that’s a short drive by car that is relatively interesting as well. It ends up being a nice long walk in the woods moreso than something earth-shattering, but it is a GREAT spot for a picnic!