Save $58K on $145K watch on Amazon. Read the feedback. They are priceless!

Someone linked to this on jeepforums and just thought I’d share this little gem here. The reviews are hilarious. A few little excerpts:

“I wasn’t going to buy this watch, but then I noticed Amazon had it with $58,000 off! What a deal. With the money I saved I purchased a brand new BMW and still had money left over for a Disney vacation. How many watches save you money to buy a car and a vacation?”

"The Zenith Men’s Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph Watch or Z.M.D.X.T.B.T.C.M. as I like to call it, is by far the most awesome watch. Chuck Norris riding into the Super Bowl on the back of Godzilla and round house kicking the crowd is no where near as awesome as this priceless poon magnet. "

It doesn’t qualify for free super saver shipping. What a rip.

Link, for those who don’t like to highlight, right click, and Google.

It’s TOO accurate.

Love it.

Better reviews.

Oh crap! Thanks. I was so excited I forget to link to it.

One more thing I noticed. Under the “Customers who viewed this item also viewed” section was “Zombie Industries Tactical Lifesize Bleeding Zombie Target Chris Airsoft Handgun Rifle Pistol Range Shooting Target for Zombie Outbreak Apocalypse Survival” Wtf?!?! (You have to click the link to “290 customer reviews” to see it though)

That is an ugly watch.

For $58,000 I’d just ask whichever one of the five prostitutes I’m in bed with who isn’t currently busy with her mouth what time it is.

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Wow I was kidding when I said it didn’t qualify for free super saver shipping. I just assumed with something that expensive they wouldn’t worry about it, but at the top right it says “86,999.99 + 9.95 shipping.” Every time I go back I find something new.

I had to log in and agree with a few of them:

bite me immediately
asian women worth better
super expensive gay
not mt dew resistant

Plus I added one of my own: sesquipedalian

Yeah, the dealer cost is $87,000. It’s the shipping and handling where they make their profit.

GQ thread about the same watch.

It’s that one cent that really makes the deal.

I kind of think that if I bought a $90k watch on the internet I’d want whatever form of shipping they used to cost more than $10.

It should be hand-delivered by a naked Venus floating ashore on a half-shell.

How do they make any money when they sell it so far below list price?

Answer: Volume.

Its a Tourbillon movement. Those are crazy expensive - they make Rolexes look like pieces of tin by comparison.

The Tourbillon movement was a nifty piece of engineering back when it was invented several hundred years ago. When trying to make very accurate timepieces, gravity itself had an impact on accuracy. In a Tourbillon, the entire movement rotates around 2 (or more) axes, so that the effects of gravity cancel out.

Of course, a simple modern 50 cent quartz movement is much more accurate these days. A Tourbillon is a status symbol these days, nothing more.

Recently, several Chinese companies have started to make Tourbillon watches selling around $1,000-$5,000. Probably not as good as a classic Swiss Tourbillon, but at one tenth to one twentieth the price, its probably a good deal if you want one and aren’t a billionaire.

I thought this was the one that started it all:

Three Wolf Moon

Not even close. The earliest Amazon comment bombing I remember (though I’m sure there were earlier ones) was for the Harry Potter Vibration Broom (nimbus3000?) and that was in 2001 or 2002 or something.

There was a comment bomb on The Story of Ping, which is a children’s book about a duck in China. The comment referred to it as an overview of the network diagnostic utility, ping. I think Amazon updated the dates in some sort of upgrade or migration at one point because I distinctly remember hearing about this review from some UNIX user’s group meetings prior to 2000. I know it was prior to the IPO of VA Linux because the formation of that company was the main topic of the evening, which would place it around may of '99. The original review must have pre-dated that.


The Story About Ping was reviewed on Slashdot in January 1999.