Save Gary Coleman!

I don’t know if this is for real or not… it sounds just like him.

  • s.e.

I can’t wait to go home and dial 976-Gary. A diff’rent kind of stroking, indeed. Yowzah!

Hey - be careful with those titles. Jeeze, I thought he’d fallen down a well or something.

Yes, it’s real.

A coworker’s wife works for, who is hosting this. This is not the first time they’ve done this for Gary Coleman. My guess is it won’t be the last either.
Zev Steinhardt

for some reason, i couldn’t get it to work. is it pimpin’ cash for gary or something?

perfect time for this little gem of a story:

when i lived in Vegas, i had a good buddie that worked for the local radio station. this same station had the standard morning idiot crew and would often have good old Dana Plato (of Diff’rent Strokes and Felony Court Cases) on the air as a guest, discussing her ill fated attempt to hold up a video rental store in town. Well, i was hanging out at a live broadcast with my pal and she was hanging around also, for the free food i would have guessed. (it was a Monday Night Football event) Anyway, she asked me if i have ever had a blowjob from a “movie star”, as she called herself, and if not, i could that night for $100. i respectfully declined and she lowered the price pretty quick to $20, but i was just trying to get away from her at that point.

probably shoulda let her for the $20…

Diff’rent Strokes, Indeed!