Saving Grace, 7/23

No Saving Grace thread yet? Well, then, here’s one…

I thought the show was pretty interesting. The acting was good, even though the situations might not have been that realistic:

Really, I mean, racing around in a cop car just for fun with 2 kids in the back seat?

I was also bothered a little by the overt religious “message”.

What do you think about this show?


After being bombarded by the promos for this show over the last month, I actually thought about watching it. For about 3 seconds. Then I turned to PBS.

I watched it, and thought it was OK. I didn’t find her character that likable. And her being a cop made her lifestyle seem too unrealistic.

What a shame because the previews made it look like it had real potential.

It was good enough to justify watching it for a few more episodes before making a final decision.

I was forced to watch because a relative of mine is on the show. I thought it was OK.

I could have done without the religious messages, especially the implication that if you don’t believe in god you’re automatically a boozed up, sex crazed, short-fused violent lunatic (or a child rapist, since he didn’t believe in god either.)

I liked the acting and the characters, and I’m intrigued by the “shared dream” thing with the inmate, but the goddy part…well, I think my feelings on that part are on record around here.

But I might be willing to stay with it if she sprouted a pointy tail and cloven hooves. Cage match! WooHOO!

Holly Hunter is one of my all-time favorites. But damn…she’s lost some weight!

But the religious message is the essential point and premise of the show, isn’t it?

I didn’t get the implication that the show was trying to preach like that, it just looked to me like it was telling one person’s story.

Yeah, her behavior definitely seemed over-the-top.

It kinda bugged me that the angel’s name was Earl, which started me thinking about the other show “My Name is Earl”, in which a guy tries to become a better person, and I started thinking about the similar nature of these shows. It took me out of the show, because I was thinking about this stuff instead of paying attention to the story.

I’ll give the show a couple more tries. If it’s clever, I’ll stick around.

You know, it seemed obvious to me that with the whole shared dream bit, God had staged the whole thing. I dunno, it just seems kinda crappy to me for God to be so manipulative.

And Earl’s wings? Jeezopete, that was hokey.

I wasn’t too impressed. And that’s a shame, cuz I really like Holly Hunter.

But will she continue to share dreams with the Lifer (Deather?)? Is he a regular character? Will he help her solve cases? I’m going to give it a couple more tries, but so far, it’s falling short of her “it’s unexpected” claims in the commercials.

I’m betting that one of Earl’s charges, but not necessarily the prisoner, will be worked into every episode.

Good guess! I bet you’re right!