saving threads

I posted a thread and got some awesome advice and I want to save the responses along with all the links before it disapears. How do I do that? Do I have to save it to my email? If I print it I will lose the links wont I? I need to be able to access it for at least 3 more months or so.

Your help please.:slight_smile:


Unless something catastrophic happens to the board, the thread will stay right where it is. Just add it to your favorites/bookmarks.

If you still want to save it, here’s how.

Bring up the thread. Now, in MS Internet Explorer, click on file/save as, and pick a directory on your hard disk to save it in.

Or click on “printable version”, then save.

(P.S. there have been other threads with great info on what to see in San Francisco/L.A./California. A search should find them.)