How do I save a thread to my hard drive?

Can I? I found this really neat one I want to save for later.



Assuming it’s not against the rules and not going to be used for any copyrightbreaking naughtiness, why not just save the web page from your FILE menu? Then go to the next page of the thread and save that, until it’s all done. Stick the whole lot in a special folder or you’ll get a real mess.

This is a pretty basic way of doing it. There are also a number of programs like, for example, Zip Up The Web (downloadable from the link), which can do it all with bells and whistles.
Mods, if this breaks rules, I’m sorry! I’ve been awake for 43 hours!

Naah, you’re fine.

Every browser I’ve seen allows you to save web pages. In IE, click “File” and then “Save As.” Follow the prompts from there.

your humble TubaDiva

Thanks for the help!

Also, if you want to save a thread with more than one page, it is worthwhile to click on “Show a printable version”.

Technically, it’s already on your HD. Check your “temporary internet files” and you should find a slew of entries. You can drag and drop these to another folder if you wish.

One thing, when you drag them over, they will have the name “showthread(x)” where “x” is a number assigned by your computer, so if you do a mass D&D, you might (read: will) have a number of simlilarly named threads.

To solve this, drag over one in particular and immediately rename it.

I actually asked this once myself here. First of all if you use “Show a printable version” or FILE:Save (As), you MUST change the file name by adding a HTML extension to it!

So, FILE: Save, then give a name to it, e.g. “handyiscool.html”

It won’t add HTML for you, I don’t know why but that’s how it is & that’s how someone answered this for me before & yes, it does work.