Saw a word the other day that could describe many Dopers (including me)

Ultracrepidarian-A person who voices opinions beyond the scope of their knowledge.

Neat word, although it’s hardly exclusive to the Dope. Ultrahypermegacrepidarianism is endemic to all message boards. Yes, all of them. Every. Single. One.

Ah yes, from the Sumarian root Oultrekrepidekus meaning “as revealed from the sheep’s entrails.”


And all comments sections in every online newspaper on the planet.

Well, maybe not China or Iran, for example.

I’m gonna use that fact every chance I get. I learned it from a person on the Internet!

Not Too many experts.

The actual derivation is just as interesting. It means “beyond the shoe.”

You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

I’d like to buy Cliffy a beer.

::uses chainsaw to saw word into several words that are more useful::

Well then, I reckon I’ll be thankin’ y’all, kindly! Cause I sure as Hell weren’t gonna be ramemberin’ that high falutin’ suminabitch, of a word! :stuck_out_tongue: