Unusual Words Rendered in Bold Graphics

A friend of mind shared this link on his Facebook this morning and since we have a lot of linguiphile Dopers, I wanted to share it with you all as well.

It is essentially a gallery of artistic representation of unusual words.

My favorite is Ktenology, what’s yours?

Thanks for sharing, those are really good. Zugzwang in particular made me laugh, although the wang element brought a different mental image to mind.

And now I will likely envision the leaning tower of jenga penis whenever I hear/see zugzwang.

I’m saved only by the rarity of its usage.

I have actually used ‘welter’ in conversation.

‘Ultracrepidarian’: a person who gives opinions and advice on matters outside of one’s knowledge.

Now there’s a word we need to see used more often. It would work well with ‘Dunning-Kruger Syndrome’.

I was thinking more along the lines of a zipper incident. I’m going to stalk you around the forum now and keep using the word.

That’s a good one.

I feel like this should be an optional title under usernames. It’s far more descriptive than “guest” or “charter member” in my opinion.

If you play your cards right, I’ll eventually equate zugzwang with Alka Seltzer, rendering me unable to watch commercials on the Game Show Network or daytime network TV. :eek:

I’ve heard of “zugzwang,” didn’t remember what it meant. I think I used to know “tarantism.” I am bemused that the artist found “welter” odd enough to be the w entry.

And I am sadly too cheap to buy an “Ultracrepidarian” custom title, but I’m afraid it would apply. That said, if someone were to support the Dope by buying me one, I’m afraid it would just *encourage *me.

If you read about chess a lot, as I do, you see it quite often. And if you play chess as poorly as I do, you experience it far too often.

It’s bad enough we have ultracrepidarians on this board. Must they be scripturient as well?

I think this find really deserves a bump. Ultracrepidarian is a word every doper should become acquainted with.