Saw this and thought of Wally...

I was driving around town, doing errands, and saw an absurdly large industrial-type vehicle like this:

It made me think of Wally, and so I thought I’d share :wally


That’s AWESOME! Wally’s got his own trucks. Hee :wink:

FWIW, I think “Putz” is also German for the stuff you can decorate living room walls etc. with. I suppose that’s the connection here?

The German word putzen means “to clean”. Wir putzen das Auto. is still remembered from high school German class.

Putz is also a Yiddish word meaning “penis”.

Has anyone heard from Wally’s daughter?

Before I found the right picture on the Putzmeister site, I ran across the “merchandise” page. Evidently, you can buy Putzmeister ball caps, T-shirts, jackets, etc. I can just see myself strolling in the office with my spiffy new Putzmeister T-shirt…well, no, I can’t actually - damn company dress code. Ah, well. Maybe on the weekends. :slight_smile: