I’m not entirely sure what this movie is about, but even the tv commercial freaks me out. Who has seen it? And is it as creepy/scary as it looks?

The damn website creeps me out. There’s no way I would go see the movie.

(Beware: I haven’t sat through the entire website “experience”. I may be one of those that jumps in your face.)

I hated this peice of crap. I actually laughed at certain points…skip it.

Here is the link to the other thread.

I love horror movies so I may be more tolerant of the movie’s flaws than most, but I really loved it. It does have its fair share of problems- the plot is a bit illogical and the acting is questionble. But still, there’s some great imagery and some of the scenes are truly classic IMHO. And, while I may be a bit jaded or something, I didn’t find the movie to be even remotely gory, so even if you’re a bit squeamish you should be ok with this one.

I liked a lot of it but then again i didn’t go in expecting to be mentally entertained. If you think too much it will ruin it. If you expect Seven (which in and of itself seemed a bit overwroght) or The Usual Suspects you’ll be disappointed. If you want something gory and a notch above your typical slasher flick you may like it.

I watched it on Sunday, I LOVED it.

So. Seen saw? Say!

When I saw the previews, I liked the idea of the creepy, horrific “predicaments” being presented. Unfortunately, there weren’t any new really interesting ones in the movie that hadn’t been covered in the previews. Previews I saw covered just about everything but the candle/safe guy, and I’m not even sure about that one.

I kept waiting to see something I hadn’t already seen for free, but nothing came but one illogical and/or lame twist after another.

If you are interested in this movie and haven’t seen it yet, you can see all the good parts in the previews and “free clips” floating around the 'net. You won’t be missing much.