Say my name, bitch! (or, I pit the grocery store)

Maybe they are just phoning from a garden full of autumnal leaves?

I think there’s a huge difference between having someone screw up your name because it’s a difficult name or looks difficult, and having someone screw up your name because they’re lazy and don’t want to bother trying. In situations like the OP’s case, I find this particularly annoying when someone insists on saying your name, but can’t be bothered to actually read and try to say it correctly.

This happens to me frequently with telemarketers. My last name shares the same first four letters as a very common last name, but the last three letters are nothing alike (just like the William vs. Willers example in the OP). It tells me that the person calling just doesn’t give a rat’s ass, and yes, I find that fairly insulting.

In your case, the people who won’t say your name correctly at least think they have a valid reason for not saying it. That’s a whole different animal.

I have a first name that everyone butchers. As long as they don’t automatically use a nickname, I never correct a soul on it. If someone makes an effort to sound out my last name but gets it wrong, they get an appreciative smile and a correction only if they ask for it (unless they’re a telemarketer, but that’s another story).

My problem isn’t that they’re mispronouncing it. My problem is that they see the first 5 letters, and assume it’s a completely different name.

If I want someone to refer to me by name, I’ll introduce myself. If I don’t introduce myself, almost anything will do: ma’am, miss, senora, hey lady, yo bitch, whatever. I agree with the folks who say that it’s management’s fault. I don’t know why some dick in management thought that having someone who obviously couldn’t care less (and by all means, shouldn’t have to care) use my name would give me the warm fuzzies.

And please, if I can’t get worked up in the pit, where am I supposed to get worked up? Next, is someone going to tell me that I can’t pull an opinion out of my ass in IMHO? :dubious:

With me they use the name “Leempoel,” which is not my name, but the name of the person who dropped his discount card on the sidewalk outside the store. Of course they don’t pronounce it right–not that I know how it’s supposed to be pronounce. I just always tell them they’ve said it wrong. Every time I correct them in a different way, and act very annoyed, as though they’ll never get it right. (Not “LEAMpool,” stupid, it’s “Le-EM-POH-el.” It’s changed since the last time you saw me.)

I don’t like when cashiers, etc. call me by my first name.

What bristled me even more was a 20 something waitress who referred to me (age 40) as “hon” all night. Not my husband, just me. It pissed my husband off even more to the point where he wanted to call her over and tell her that it was unprofessional, condescending and likely to reduce her tip if she continued. I wouldn’t let him, but it did bug me.

Clint Eastwood solved the problem - be the man (or woman) with no name!

a) I fucking HATE salecritters, no matter how nice, trying to use my name. First or last. I sell $THINGS too, and I would never ever ever call a customer by their name unless it was a big-ticket item we’d worked for a week or two to put together, or someone I personally knew. Bugs the shit out of me.

  1. I got a call from… someone… a few days ago. Now, neither my screenname or my real name sound even vaguely Hispanic/Latino, but this guy was… well…

Caller: Is Mr… Whhhheeeeeeeeftone Polekitty there?

He made every effort to say my first name as if dragged kicking and screaming through the pronunciation section of a Spanish dictionary. The rest of his speech was American English, so it wasn’t just a normal Spanish-speaking person having trouble with my name.

Me: Nope, no one here by that name, sorry.

The guy tried like three other variants, each time first name with a heavy Hispanic sound, the last name exactly right. Finally he just said “Look, are there ANY Latino Polekittys there?”

Me: Nope, sorry, man.

I have NO idea what it was about, but he didn’t identify himself, mangled my first name is a fashion utterly incomprehensible, and basically snapped at me at the end, which is a good way to get me to not want to cooperate.

Telemarketers butcher (along with most everyone else) my first name, Dafydd. I’ve started to gently correct them: “It’s pronounced (phonetic pronunciation). It’s Welsh. It means ‘Soul Destroyer.’”
It’s netted me a couple of generic non-responsive apologies, but also a couple of very slow "oooookay"s. :smiley:

You go to a store. Someone utters your name. STAB THEM. AGAIN. AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND…

Next time they’ll think twice.

Well… the OP did seem to be getting ass-fucked throughout with some regularity.

Having people mispronounce my name is annoying, but what’s worse is when they CORRECT me when I say it.

I answer the phone at work a lot, “[Museum Name] This is Lissa.”

“Hi, Leeeesa!”

Dumbass, I didn’t mispronounce my own name! How in the world did you mis-hear a short “I” as a long “E” ?

2) I got a call from... someone... a few days ago. Now, neither my screenname or my real name sound even vaguely Hispanic/Latino, but this guy was... well...

Is your name Jones and did he pronounce it Ho-nez?

We’re required to say their first name twice, and the name of the financial institution once. Like they don’t know their name or the name of the bank. Like the recording they hear before they get me doesn’t say the name of the bank at least twice.

Although, yes, I have in various jobs had many people call in and fail to hear either he recording or me say the name of the business, so they think that the phone company is the bank or the insurance company is the cable company or whatever.

I end up saying the name more than twice because otherwise I haven’t properly “branded” the call and I get points off. I used to just call everyone “ma’am” and “sir” but one supervisor (at a previous job) told me that calling people “ma’am” and “sir” is rude.

I’m a southerner that deals routinely with northerners. My standard response to people who get offended if I refer to them as “sir” or “ma’am” is:
“I’m not interested in having my great grandmother crawl out of her grave just to beat my butt for disregarding the good manners she gave me.” True, the “grandmother” usually comes out “grand mama” and yes, my southern accent comes out in spades and sometimes “good manners” comes out as “fine learnin’”, but hey, it is a FORM OF RESPECT that you show to ANYONE of ANY AGE.

I’ve pondered lo’ many nights to just calling folks “asshole” and “bitch.” Getting offended at a term of respect will ya? We’ll just see about that.

And no, you haven’t lived here long enough to be considered a native. A cat can have kittens in an oven, but that don’t make 'em biscuits!

*flounces her petticoats and turns away"

I went from having an unpronounceable German last name to being a Carter. Everyone should be a Carter. No one mispronounces Carter. Carter is the perfect name.

Now if I could only get the people around here to stop rhyme “Julie” with “goalie” I’d be happy.

I am not a sir, I am properly addressed as “El Conquistador”


No, although it IS close to “Daniel”. Try to say “Daniel” with a thick ersatz Mexican accent and that’s pretty close. :dubious:

I used to work at one of those Big Box stores years ago. Soon after I started working there, they started the policy of calling every customer by their last name. (If they paid with check or credit card.) I hated it. I hate it when it’s done to me in stores (always gives me that “Hey, do I know you?” start) or when people used to call me by name after reading it on my compulsory tag. It somehow feels* invasive.*

My manager explained to us that it was the head office’s idea. It was supposed to make the customer forget that they were in a giant, corporate store and think themselves in a little hometown place where everybody knows everybody. (We were also instructed to say “Thank you for shopping at YOUR [Store Name]” to further this illusion of community.)

Bless you, guizot, bless you.

Does it really mean “Soul Destroyer”? Because that would be so cool!

A telemarketer once mispronounced my very-easy-one-syllable-only last name
consistently through a call, being corrected by me each time & yet mispronouncing it again & again. Finally I exploded “My name is !!!; I have corrected you five times and if you cannot say it correctly after that, you have no business to conduct with me!” I hang up.

When I tell Mom what it was for, it turned out to be a long distance service we did want at the time :smack: , but fortunately, they called back within a week (this TM DID pronounce my name correctly).