Say, this decade is already half over. What are we going to name it?

It’s already 2005 and I haven’t heard anybody apply a name to this decade, you know, like “the Sixties” or “the Nineties.” People speak of the “Millennium,” but that’s not nearly specific enough, is it? I nominate "the “Naughties!” :slight_smile: As in the year “naught-one” (2001). Whaddaya think?

I vote for “the zeroes.”

“Back in the zeroes, I wore an onion on my belt, that being the style at the time…”

Well, Heinlein didn’t forsee Clinton, so they’re coming a little late, but “the crazy years” is as good a descriptor for this decade as any. Nehemiah Scudder has likely just started getting his game on.

So far it looks like the “Confusion Decade” – maybe “The Confusions.”

The Decade of Lies and Idiocy

I’ve been using “The Aughts” for a couple of years now.

It’s not catching on, sadly.

sigh As I posted the last time this came up, a month or so ago, we’ll probably do what we did last time: Wait ten or twenty years, and then start calling it “the turn of the century”.

And as I suggested ealier–

The Total F%cking Train Wreck Decade

Decade, half over? Not yet. Not untill midnight December 31, 2005!
Decade of conflicts: Good vs. Evil, Dems vs. Pubs, East vs. West, World vs, USA or?

To steal from Unca Cecil:

The Damn Fool Decade.

The 2K’s, because it started with the Y2K scare, and it has a certain cyberesque originality to it that is fitting in these increasingly digitally-oriented days.

Well, noughties is picking up pace on the net. 17000-odd google hits and the great majority of the first few pages I checked refer to the decade. No way of checking the spelling ‘naughties’ quickly; you’d need to filter out the other senses.

The zeros. Or the Decade of Bush. Same difference.

The Stolen Decade (for the 2000 election and its aftermath)

My kids (who are five and six) call them the “none-dies.”

Futurama was off by about a decade. We’re living in the Stupid Ages now.

Why would they be the “Naughties” if the phrase is 'aught-year? Like, I was born in 'aught-two. Have I been hearing this wrong all along?

In The Music Man, “Professor” Harold Hill claimed to have graduated from “the Gary Conservatory, Class of ought-five” (1905). So I think it’s established usage – at least, back then. I don’t know whether the preferred spelling is “aught” or “ought.” The word “naught” means “nothing,” while “nought” means more specifically “zero” (as in “noughts-and-crosses,” the British name for tic-tac-toe); so “ought” is probably correct. But calling this decade the “Oughties” wouldn’t be nearly as cool as calling it the “Noughties”! :slight_smile:

I’d call it the Decade of the Pre-emptive Strike.

I’ve never seen any post to one of these threads saying what term was/is used for the 190X decade. Is “turn of the century” it?

I like “naughts” but it doesn’t seem to be catching on. Maybe it’s not until the decade is in the past that we will require a term to discuss it. For now, “this” decade seems to work just fine. :slight_smile: