Scaled composites launch today -- need feed

Hey, the scaled composites launch is going to happen today in about an hour.
I was wondering if there was a high bandwidth feed I could watch. I haven’t even been able to get to the website with opera on text-only.

Please help a technogeek.

Their website works for me

From Here

Not to be snide, but as my OP mentioned, I couldn’t get through to the site. Thanks for the info, though.

The site says CNN will carry, as will a local radio station but no plans for internet.
I left the VCR to tape CNN all day. Maybe I’ll catch it.
Wish I had info on the satellite feed. :frowning:

MSNBC has a live video feed that I’m watching right now. Supposedly NASA has a live feed as well.

MSN link:

I saw the takeoff live! :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile:

viewers’s guide


Live as in actually there or live as in on the video feed? =)

Only the video feed.
It was pretty boring after the takeoff, mostly crowd pictures.
I don’t waht they showed during separation and flight of SS1, cause I was rebooting my computer and it took me a while giet the feed back. :slight_smile:
I did see the landing tho. (again, video not there)

I assume it will be on the news this evening.


I was highly disappointed in the live MSNBC feed. They did a crappy job of keeping the ship in frame during the runway take-off and I didn’t hear any commentary during the actual launch. I didn’t even know the launch had happened - I saw the ship come down and land on video and wondered if something had gone wrong because nobody was saying anything. I had to go to another site to find out that everything had gone well.

The recorded feed they have up there now seems to be much better - they were actually able to keep the ship in frame during the takeoff. Sounds like this video was done by NBC itself so maybe it was a better video crew.

Here is a link to a clip of takeoff and a really nice clip from space.

Make sure not to miss the Optical tracking from Edwards and China Lake. I’m not sure when they will be publicly released, but I do know copies will be made available to Scaled Composites, and I expect that they’ll be edited into a promo video at some point.