scalloped potatoes

stouffer’s used to make scalloped potatoes that were really, really good. they were like crack to me, i could eat the family sized container in one sitting if i let myself. they became a seasonal item and now they appear to have disappeared completely.

so my question is has anyone had these and know a recipe that tastes similar, or know a brand of frozen ones that are close? these potatoes were not very cheesy and didn’t have ham. i don’t want scalloped poatoes with ham, just the potatoes alone.

any help appreciated!

Here’s one of about a million online recipes. Not having had the ones you’re talking about, I can’t say they would taste the same, but your could experiment. IMO, scalloped potatoes shouldn’t have cheese in them, but to each his own.

Scalloped potatoes with cheese are called potatoes au gratin, not scalloped potatoes. This is a very good recipe for scalloped.

i agree i am not a fan of cheesy scalloped potatoes. thanks for the link, those actually look very close to the ones i was talking about, i will give that recipe a try. thank you!

i am still interested in different recipes and other frozen brands so everyone else feel free to chip in.
on preview: thanks alice the goon, those look good too!

I refuse to cook anything with crème fraiche until it ceases to become trendy.

More for me!

It’s hardly a trend. Maybe people have just discovered it in your part of the world, but the French having been eating potatoes and crème fraiche for quite some time. It’s also a fairly odd reason not to eat something.

How long would a cooked scalloped potatoes dish like the one linked last? I have a green salad with chicken for my lunch each day and I could use something potato-y to fill me up more. I’d like to make a batch to use for the week but not sure it would last?

Of course they have. But people have been eating muffins for a long time too, and they became trendy a few years ago. People have been eating chipotle chilis for quite a while, too, and now everything has chipotles in it. I’m not saying that crème fraiche isn’t a valuable and traditional ingredient. But when South Park makes fun of people using it, it’s definitely ‘hip’ and ‘trendy’.

It may be an odd reason, but I come from The Land of Trends and now live in a region of the country that follows a lot of trends. There comes a point when it just becomes tiresome.

My original comment was supposed to be a little tongue-in-cheek, based on the South Park episode. It wasn’t meant as a serious bashing of crème fraiche. Hijack not intended.

I wouldn’t keep anything with dairy in it for more than three days. In the fridge, that is. You could freeze it, though.

i just put this recipe in the oven, stay tuned for results :slight_smile:

::suddenly remembers that three-week old chili mac::

so, they came out pretty decent, although they’re a touch on the bland side. i skipped the nutmeg in the recipe, because i didn’t have any on hand, so i’ll be sure to add it next time and see if it makes a difference. i might try adding garlic too.

I have always hated scalloped potatoes. However, I’ve never had any other than my mother’s version. It is possible that, as good a cook as she was in most things, her scalloped potatoes sucked. Are there really good ones?

There are amazing scalloped potatoes, but they require a sauce made with chicken broth and milk, not just milk, small cubes of good cheddar, and larger cubes of good ham. Mmm, potatoes.