looking for a tater recipe that was posted here

there was a thread posted not long ago with a recipe for potatoes that you boiled until done then baked in the oven until crispy, I thought I bookmarked the thing but didnt, anyone know what I am talking about?

I would love a link and the search engine isnt even giving me a single return

Crash Hot Potatoes maybe? I made them. They’re good.


thats the one, thank you. I have a lady friend who will love those things and I was pissed I coulndt find the link.

Mmmm. Gonna have to try those. They look really good.

Mmm! I’ll be making those tonight! Better than baked fries…

Those sound awesome, and I’ve been looking for good cheap-eats ideas. I just printed the recipe.

Yeah, they seem a good way to use up some of those herbs and spices you’ve got in your cupboard you don’t want to just toss, but need to retire soon.

I see no reason you couldn’t get inventive with them too, and top them with whatever you want.