Scan to PDF Help

Long story short, a virus corrupted my Windows 7 files and my HP all-in-one printer. After having the computer professionally repaired (and $110 later), I reinstalled the HP printer software. However, the scan/copy/fax software provided by HP will now not install and I’m getting a possibly related BDPSoftware is unavailable error.

As a work-around I tried to download a third party “scan to pdf” program from CNET; however, I also received crap (random search engine, you tube accelerator, etc) that I did not request. :mad:

Is there a safe place to download a scan-to-pdf program? Help pleeeeeease!


You have to watch very closely during the installation. Even the most reputable (free) software comes loaded with add-ons and upgrades that you have to refuse during the process.
And read each box carefully, they will often switch the position of the Yes and No buttons.

ETA: I had one that the buttons said “Yes, I want to decline this offer” and “No, I want to accept this offer”. Sneaky bastards.

I’d work through a cleanup removal and reinstall of the HP software. It can be really touchy about old installs and broken fragments, but you should be able to find a step-by-step cleanup process somewhere on the net, specific to your model and revision of software.

(After all, if all that works is the scanner driver… well, you have what most people who buy an AIO have, a limping, crippled half-solution that never did anything well and now only does half of it badly.)

Fix the problem, don’t patch around it. Worth the time and effort.

Did you download the latest driver and other software versions from the HP website?

Yes, but there is a glitch still on my computer. HP is very fussy about files remaining from previous installs. The repair shop assured me that they had removed all HP things during the virus repair. However, the HP Uninstaller still fails about 75% through the process. Since I can’t get a clean uninstall, I think the new HP download (that is supposed to include their copy/fax/scan software) isn’t installing properly.

HP installers can be impossibly fussy about re-installs, yes. Google your specific model of printer and revision of software and you will likely find a step-by-step list of files to delete to clean up the old install fragments and permit an updated installation.

Wow, there are a lot of people out there with similar problems with HP software. Anyone familiar with Revo Uninstaller? Several threads have recommended this to fully remove HP software even if the proprietary uninstaller is working.

I have seen Revo recommended here and I think BleepingComputer. I used it a few weeks ago for something and it was fine. (The computer I was working on had other issues but I could use it to uninstall something that was stuck)

Have you tried downloading the HP Print and Scan Doctor? That worked for me when I had a problem I couldn’t resolve myself.

HP: World class hardware. Third world software.