Scare Me

Halloween is my favorite holiday (after four years of retail dampened my enthusiasm for Christmas) and I’m trying to get into the spirit by scaring myself into catatonia. So I’m looking for scary stories, web sites, and movies to watch to get in the mood. I’ve visted virtual haunted houses and have read every urban legend in Snopes’ “Horrors” section. Any suggestions? No screamers, please.

Halloween is sacred, as you know so I’ve been trying to get a couple of discussions in and around it here for the last several weeks, but it’s pretty much been no slice. And since I don’t wanna that to happen to you, let me introduce you to my little, ahem, friends… :slight_smile:

Ok, so really it’s only if you’re into pictures. I’ve just recently found this particular site (mostly photoshopped, I think, but I’m by no means a techo-geek) I’ve looked extensively for a way to search there by subject, but apparently I suck more at even finding the engine than I normally do even around here. That said, I stumbled upon these in particular by throwing myself (initially and again for you) via Google images.

Here’s the bestest in my humble opinion: It’s devoted to scare-the-shit outta you stuff and head to a big burly friend’s to hold you. Aptly called “nightmares”.

The next can be a bit of the above, sorta, and really interesting. It seems to be mostly applied to warping famous images we’re all familiar with. I’m looking at you Ms. M. Lisa (to protect her privacy, dontcha know). These are all listed under “Monster ModRen.”

Finally, I chuckled quite a lot at these so-ugly-only-a-mother-would-bet-thrilled-at their-failing-of-obedience-school. 'Cause you know, they’re Indigo animals. :smiley: Uh huh, I don’t even wanna meet them in someone else’s imagination. :stuck_out_tongue:

To wrap up all my ramblings, if I’m remembering correctly, there’s more than just one group to each. But I can only safely vouch for the first, since I’ve been too exhausted lately to complete the rest. Hopefully this’ll make you a little leary of things that go bump in your closet.

Happy, happy H-Day!!
:cool: < ---- says too the Blue Brothers’ pumpkin

One of the best ones I’ve found is The House. The guy who created it did a fantastic job using sound effects to complement the minimal motion. I tend to chicken out by the end of the first room.

I recommend trying it in a darkened room, preferably alone. Have the sound on, since it’s a major part of the tension-building.

Note: it is not a screamer-type net prank. The purpose of it is to be scary, and things jump out and make sudden noises, but only when you click on the screen.

I started a thread last year when I won a scary story contest in my old, hometown newspaper. It is a true story…you can read it here.

If Dick Cheyney dies, George Bush will be President. How’s that grab you?

…I think you may have those two switched around…


There, that gotcha didn’t it

I went in all ready to be scared, then this little gem popped up during the intro.

“This deserted house was built in 1970. It was reported that the whole family members suicided without reason. After that, no one ever enter to this house again.”
First off… 1970??? Ooooooooohh. The rest of the paragraph is just too hysterical to frighten anyone other than my 6th grade English teacher.

I haven’t actually made it into the house yet.

Salad Fingers. He may at first appear cute, but the themes, and the sounds and music, are disturbing, and get worse as the series progresses.

Hallowhatnow? :smiley:

I’m well aware of what Halloween is, folks. I’m just glad I live in a country where it’s not a holiday, despite the best attempts of the Imported Fad brigade :wink:

How’s this?

You’re getting older. As you age, your body will gradually fail. Eyesight goes, incontinence comes. You’ll have little financial or employment security during this long, miserable time. You’ll likely have to work almost until you die, which will likely be long, drawn-out and painful. Chances are, you’ll spend your final years in some 2nd-rate nursing home, cared for by people who make minimum wage and it shows.

Isn’t life exciting?


Calvin: Help me (hic) get (hic) rid of (hic) these darn (hic) hic (hic) hiccups!
Hobbes: How?
Calvin: (hic) Scare me.
Hobbes: Our oceans are filled with garbage, we’ve created a hole in the ozone layer that’s frying the planet, nuclear waste is piling up without any safe way to get rid of it…
Calvin: (hic) I mean surprise me (hic).
Hobbes: That doesn’t?! Boy, you’re cynical…

–from Calvin and Hobbes

For eerie ambience, it’s hard to beat [url=“”]99 Rooms[/url.

Dang it.

God, beyond any doubt, appears.

Standing with Tom Cruise.

Want to be scared in a manner inconsistent with real life? Listen to any Democrat campaign speech.

ducks, runs

Go to , and visit the “random” imageboards. The depravity of humanity boggles the mind.


Not sure if this is scary or not, I found the link on BoingBoing. It’s definitely creepy (warning pictures of dead victorian people, not gory just creepy).

Of course the monsters in your closet are real. But, reality is an odd thing. They need your belief in them in order to manifest. I found a perfect quote on this in the unrelated The Open Doors " ‘Something about the different way they view reality means that, in our world, they literally are not real and must use our belief in them in the bridge. For this reason, official denial must be absolute and aggressive. The public must not know that they are here.’ " Streiber is speaking of demons, horrors both infernal and extra-dimensional set loose by the unholy pyres of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But, he has stumbled upon the truth.

The monsters of childhood wait, intangible and invisible, but no less real. We grow older and become blind and deaf to them, and they to us. But, they know and they wait. Crouched amongst forgotten shirts and scuffed shoes, they wait. The time approaches when we shall grow old and weak. Our ears shall fail, as shall our eyes. Then shall we turn to the bright images and sounds of our memories. We will savor the lost friends and joys of childhood. But with those shall come our fears. Weak again, dependent again, helpless again the fear will return to us. Then shall the monsters return to us.

They will not have aged. They will surround us, glorying in our fear. They need only wait. Their eyes gleam. They drool and run great bovine tongues over teeth like shattered glass as they anticipate the coming terrors. Their razored nails click as their hands dance with glee at thoughts of the coming feast. Unseen, unheard, and flawlessly patient, they wait. Your body will fail. Haze and silence will cover your world until they are the only things you can see and hear clearly. Then the closet door shall open and they will come. Ravenous from decades of fasting.

It gets better. If you make it to the end, you get this disclaimer: