scaring some old people on halloween

Maybe some of you will think that this is as funny as I did. My son came home Thursday with a permission slip for me to sign. His class is visiting the nursing home next door to the school on Halloween to kinda cheer um up a bit. I asked my son what they were going to do for the old guys and he proceeded to sing me a few little Christmas-turned-Halloween songs. Instead of Santa Clause is coming to town, those little devils are singing “the grim reaper is coming to town”!! Can you amagine? Who is this crazy music director? HEHE. I laughed my ass off!! (Of course my son did not get it.)

What kind of sick, twisted school does your son go to? Singing songs to the elderly about death? That is just sick, sick, sick.

And also funny as hell, in a morbid sort of way.


“My cat’s breath smells like cat food.” - Ralph Wiggum

That is what I thought. I hope someone points it out to the music director before Wednesday. I’m not though.

Yes, I am sure singing songs about death and dying, in a nursing home is real fucking funny.

Sure, some of the residents might appreciate irreverent humor, but what about those who don’t?

For some of those people, visits by local kids, etc are the only outside contact they have. Yes, I am sure old lady Jones, who hasn’t had a visitor in years, was really moved by that.

And don’t tell me to lighten up, think about it.


Thought about it. Still funny.AND its SKYBLUKAT…thanks…

Such as I figured…Not much more to say.
Sorry, I meant SKYBLUIDIOT.


Klaatu mate, don’t be mean. I think we can disagree with someone without having to call them an idiot, especially when they’re new to the Boards.

As a New Doper, Skyblukat seems to be behaving in an adult way, and has made a reasonable and amusing point. There are plenty around who are worse, so chill out and behave like a good neighbour.

’kat- welcome to the Boards!


Well Redboss, point taken, although I still strongly disagree with the kids singing that to the old folks.

Appologies kat, perhaps personal issues re: the OP caused me to be a bit harsh.


I’m too enraged at the OP and subsequent sentiments enough to reply and still remain a member of the SDMB. Please take the following as my feelings at the moment.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Yeah, haw haw.

What’s this music director planning for next Halloween? Going to a daycare center dressed up like an old man with a lollipop stuck to the crotch of his pants and singing “Nambla’s coming to town”.

Child molestation. Haw haw.

I think the irony that the OP is pointing out is that singing about the Grim Reaper, death, etc. would be completely normal Halloween activity in just about any other locale. It just happens to have a double meaning in a nursing home.

And it is funny. Rather Simpson-ish, actually.

I just wanted to say that orr’s post is the funniest fucking thing I have ever read in my life.

Speaking as an older person, I have to say that I wouldn’t mind such entertainment, provided it was well and humorously done.

What – the National Association of Marlon Brando Look-Alikes? :smiley:

I think it’s in bad taste and definitely not a good idea. Though many elderly people may not mind the humor or may even find it funny, there are also many who would be bothered for it. They generally take this into account among themselves - you don’t mention cancer within earshot of someone who lost their husband to it, and with some people they strive to keep conversation optimistic and light-hearted. There is always the factor of senile dementia among some of them to make keeping the balance even trickier. Many who might seem to be able to deal with jokes about death will be feeling great hidden pain that people of their generation were taught to keep to themselves.

I’ve become very sensitive to the feelings of elderly people in recent years, as my parents are both suffering from serious health problems and my father also has Alzheimers - I’m only 29 but my parents had me late in life. You’ve got to try hard to make things as easy on them as you can, and whoever thought it was a good idea to let kids sing morbid songs to nursing home residents must be an insensitive idiot. I’m lucky that I’m able to take care of my parents myself, if I had to deal with my mother unable to stop crying because some kid inadvertently reminded her of my sister’s murder and my confused father trying to figure out why she was sad, I’d be ready to kill someone.

Now I know what is meant by the expression, “bottom of the pit”.

This reminds me of the manyyearsago article in National Lampoon about how to freak out folks on Halloween.
The one where they scream suicide! and push over a stuffed scarecrow out an upstairs window…


[sub]Dad: And son, what did you do for Halloween?
Son: Only scared some old folks, Dad!
Dad: That’s nize, son.

Very tasteless, but I found it very funny.

Reminds me of this Bizarro cartoon.

Death is a natural process. It happens to all living things. Death is not the problem. Fear of death is.