Scary Stuff on TV

I just watched a show on the ID Channel. Two young girls were coming home from their church choir practice, and being like every show on this channel, they encounter a stranger, and no good comes of it. One ends up murdered, and the other barely gets away.

I am obsessed with these shows. I feel like I have to watch them to know the dangers that lurk out there, even though I pretty much already know.

I am just always shocked at things people will do to one another. Especially the innocent victims.

I honestly do not know how some people are so cruel, and why so many good people are lost. Even in my own family there were some terrible relatives.

I fear so much for my two girls. I am sooo afraid something bad will happen to them. I do not know if maybe I should stop watching these shows, or if I need to be watching them to know what is out there.

Sometimes I think the world is like a living hell, and if you let your guard down, well it just scares me.

And o.k., I honestly do not want to start any religious debates or anything, but how can a loving and just God, or the Gods of other denominations let terrible, terrible things happen all the time. I already know the spiel of he gave us free will, but I just do not get it.

I was also reading yesterday about a young woman, 17 years old, who was killed in a gang shooting in Chicago. This young girl had finished high school, however she was caught up in the gang life. Why isn’t anybody doing anything about this terrible violence in the inner cities?

Like, who really cares about some old rich geezer with one foot in the grave, who said racist things? He is a frigging idiot, and got what was coming to him. But I find the story of the young gang banger on a news site in England.

This world is one messed up place. Sometimes I wish I could just go live in a little village somewhere nice, like Austria, and ignore this terrible world. :frowning:

Sure. Just make sure not to look in your neighbors’ basements.

Put things in perspective. Life is much safer, and continues to become much safer for all of us. Google any crime statistics and you’ll find we’re better off now than at any time.

The only issue now is 24 hour news coverage, and they need to continually report new stories. Don’t sweat it. You’re safer now than you ever were.

There is a name for these shows: Murder Porn

You know who else was interested in somewhere nice, like Austria . . . .

Frederick the Great?

If you have that much anxiety on a daily basis you might want to talk to a doctor.

I watch these shows too (as background noise mostly), and I come away with an entirely different perspective.

Yeah, there’s a lot of really messed-up people out there doing really messed-up things, and it’s easy to despair for humanity. But don’t forget the other side of the coin – there’s people out there who dedicate their lives to catching those people and preventing others from taking the same path. In the majority of these shows, the murderer or attacker is caught, tried, convicted, and is in prison by the end credits. Things aren’t the same anymore, but the world is safer by the end.

I think both are true. You should be aware of what’s out there, but if these shows disturb you as much as you say, you should step away.

Dangerous people have always been out there, and they’ll continue to be out there as long as humanity exists. Your awareness of them or the horrifying details of their crimes don’t change that. Use your fears as motivation to take reasonable precautions, but don’t become afraid to live your life.