Scenes in Movies/TV that made you angry

I don’t mean scenes that made you mad because they sucked. I mean scenes where a character does something nasty (in character), and you’re engrossed in the story enough that it actually makes you angry at that character.

My recent one is from Babylon 5. Somehow I never watched this show much when it was on. My husband’s a big fan, and we’ve been watching it online. There’s an episode where the aging Centauri emperor visits Babylon 5. I’ll put the rest in a spoiler box in case anyone’s not seen it and intends to.

The emperor is there to try to make peace with the Narn, whom the Centauri were at war with for a long time. His health has been failing, and he knows he is risking his life by making the trip to Babylon 5. Making peace is important enough to him that he is willing to give what remains of his life for it. This interferes with Londo’s (the Centauri diplomat) plans to bring back the “glory of the Centauri empire” by conquering the Narn again. At the end of the episode, the emperor is dying, and Londo brings him the news that the Centauri have destroyed a Narn base. The emperor is barely able to speak, so he gestures for Londo to lean down so he can whisper in his ear. Then he dies. When asked what the emperor said, Londo says he gave his blessing and told him to continue the war effort.

I actually shouted at the screen, “Liar! You liar!” Oh that made me so ANGRY! I really liked Londo before that, but this episode made me hate him. Even now that Londo has somewhat redemed himself (we’re most of the way through season 4), I still haven’t completely forgiven him for that. :mad:

And, of course, from that same episode:

[spoiler]Refa: Mollari, what did he say, really?

Londo: He said… that we are both damned.

Refa: (pauses) Well… it’s a small price to pay for immortality.[/spoiler]

Picard not using Hugh to wipe out the Borg. I hated Admiral SandyDuncanLookAlike but she was right: that was a strategic error of inestimable proportions.

Mel Gibson has a way of making you really, really hate the bad guys in his films.

The sheriff in Braveheart that kills his wife.
The Colonel in The Patriot that kills his son.
The Mayan warrior that kills Jaguar Paws father at the film beginning of Apocolypto.