Schadenfreude AKA Guilty Pleasures

Our son is turning 5 next month.

For Christmas he said he wanted a Buzz Lightyear action figure.

I didn’t take this very seriously as I had already finished his part of the shopping and that he had only just started listening to Toy Story, figuring the fascination would pass.

He still talks about how Santa did not bring him a Buzz Lightyear (or a Sleeping Pooh). And his campaign to posess this toy is clear, concise and devious.

So, I have informed Mr. Ujest that his sole job for his heir’s birthday is to find a Buzz Lightyear action figure. His entire interaction with trying to find said toy: surfing ebay and emailing me. He is a total virgin there.

Mind you, Buzz is not in circulation anymore, not that I can find.

So’s off I go to Ebay.

Where I have been outbid for the damn thing a few times.

But, I have raised my limit from $15 to $23 dollars. There is no rationale to why I pick these numbers. Tomorrow it could be $13 and $22.

And for the entire auction, I lead the way, until, naturally, the last two hours, when the bottom feeders come out and the insanity begins.

It goes without saying that I lost out again, but when I looked at the bidding history, one woman alone bid something like six times in a span of ten minutes to see if she could become the winning bidder.

The frenzy she must have been in must have been something. *There is a war going on and I must have that Buzz Lightyear Doll *.

In the end, neither of us won the item, as $27.50 was over our limits.

But, the * pure undiluted perverse pleasure * I get from making complete strangers overbid, overpay and just go nuts is the kind of satisfaction that you just cannot buy or plan.

Is it just me, or are you a "
There are some things money can’t buy , for everything else theres BastardCard" * commercial waiting to happen…

Email them. Maybe they will use you or your idea in a commercial and pay you in Buzz Lightyear action figures.

(*I refuse to give financial companies any free advertising. Hence they are always Pisa, BastardCard and AmericanExlax to me.)


What a commerical that would be.

me like.

Hmm, have you heard of auctionsniper?
Does the frantic last minute bidding for you.