Scheduled command System I

Goodmorning all.

I am currently using System I (green screen).
I have a user or two who forgets to sign off the system, and when the back up runs afterhours, the backup does not get completed.

I would like to have a scheduled command run that would logoff all system users before the backup runs. (batch)

Thank you for your input in adavance.

For iSeries, you should be able to schedule ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION to terminate sessions to the DB to allow for a backup. This is a common issue for backup admins, and frequently draws the ire of auditors who don’t understand how backups run. In most cases, the backup should be considered successful if there are only a few failures in the overall job, since those items skipped in the backup will typically be available for backup during subsequent runs… now, if only it were easy to make the execs and auditors understand that…

You could use Save While Active - it maintains original copies of pages that get updated during the backup process so you get a complete save as of the starting point even if work is being done

Or you could end the interactive subsystem and restart it after the save