Schirmahorn! GIT That Sonofabitch.....

… He just stole my Jeep!.

Right! it’s from the movie MAS*H. But remember when Hawkeye and Trapper John finally arrive at the 4077th, Col. Blake said to Hawkeye: “I had a twix about you. Seems you stole a jeep from battalion headquarters.”

Well, what is a twix? I assume it’s a message of some kind, but is the word short for another word, or an acronym or what?



It’s TWX, an acronym for Teletypewriter Exchange Service. Similar to Telex, used by the military and others. Landline, not radio (RTTY).

Another layer of my ignorance peeled away. This time courtesy of MisterThyristor. Thank you, sir! :slight_smile:


I didn’t steal it. It’s right there!

It wasn’t Trapper, BTW. It was Duke Forrest. Trap shows up later.