Settle an argument, dear Dopers.

El Hubbo and I saw Star Wars: Attack of the Clones this weekend and when the beginning story came up (you know, “Long ago in a galaxy far, far away…” <-- Gee, did I quote that correctly?) I yelled, “W00t!”

I felt that I was among fellow Internet geeks and that they would understand. El Hubbo feels it was totally inappropriate and that no one other than him would know what the Hell I said and meant.

Whatchy’all thank?

el Hubobo is so wrongo. Star Wars, W00t! EQ, w00t! Guinness, w00t! w00t! w00t!

Someone has to have an opinion on this.

Hey Venus! Thanks for the vote.


Hell… I woke up this morning… w00t.

w00t was appropriate, Canthearya. :slight_smile:

I’m totally wooshed but I’m not straining at the leash to see AOTC, if that’s relevant. If I do see it though, I’d like it to be in a cinema where people feel free to roar out stuff at will - not much chance of that on the more reserved side of the pond though.

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I had no idea what y’all were talking about. I found this and evidently it is w00t.

Guess I’ll never measure up to being a geek. :frowning:

So, who used it first? Geeks or hip hoppers?

Woot! There it is!

Okay, what does RTFM mean?

you really don’t know? then you should “Read The Frickin Manual!” :smiley:

Nope, I didn’t know.



I’m a little behind the power curve, I guess. W00t? Why is it spelled with zeros?

I vote for ‘appropriate’!

[sub]Don’t tell your hubby, but I’m not sure that this is a completely fair poll. Sample set might be a little biased, mebbe. ;)[/sub]

I want to thank you for that site, I have officially spent over 100 dollars in tshirts, Kniz you are a God!

I’ll pipe in and say that I hate “w00t.” Which is interesting, because I play online a lot - but I’ve come to detest the lack of language skills. I’d associated w00t as the battle cry of the 1337 ha><0rz, whose very speech makes a mockery of clear communication.

Say “Woo!” That’s okay. Say “Whoo!” That’s okay. Say “Woot!” and you’re getting edgy - and on every game I’ve played with voice comm, “w00t” has a particular pronunciation. Imagine the song “Who Let the Dogs Out.” W00t is pronounced the same as the barking sounds after the title phrase. I hate that sound, and by association I’ve come to hate those that make it regularly a bit. No offense to y’all in here, because I don’t have to actually hear you say it.

So, yes, I know what you mean. I yelled at least one Homer-esque “Woo-hoo!” at AotC’s intro myself. I suppose in context (geek heaven) it was appropriate. But I don’t have to like it.

Crap! I’m at 101 posts! I missed the big one-oh-oh!

w00t! 73H 574R W4RZ I5 73H K3W1357 M0VI3 3V3R!!!@#$%&^*!1!
It was very cool of you to shout “woot”. Woot is a word for all occasions, expressing the pure, sublime joy that is life. How more eloquently could it be put than the single, shouted syllable which is ‘woot’? I normally use it to loudly announce headshots in Counter-Strike, but I muttered it a few times under my breath while watching AOTC.

IMHO, it is always appropriate to w00t! in certain situations.

The “leet haxors” say interesting things. I believe that their “leet” language “roxors,” but I’m not really sure. “Woot!”

One poster in one thread lost to the crash said something to the effect that 1337 speak was today’s equivalent of Bill Cosby’s secret language from the '70s. I think he was thinking of Ubbi-Dubbi from the '70s public TV show Zoom (as far as I know, Bill Cosby had no secret language), and if so, I have to agree with him.

[sub]Yubou subee, thube kubids, thubey lubistuben tubo thube rubap mubusubic, whubich gubivubs thubem thubem brubain dubamubage. Wubith thube hubippubin’ uband thube huboppubin’ uband thube bubippubin’ uband thube buboppubin’, thubey dubon’t knubow whubat thube jubazz…ubis uball ubabubout.[/sub]