My fellow Star Wars geeks might have to envy me

There’s a very good chance I will be sitting in a darkened theater the night of May 2, 2002 for the NYC sneak preview of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. It’s good to have contacts.

It’s not certain at this time, so I can’t rub it in anybody’s face just yet. I’ll let you know more as time goes on, and you may place review and spoiler requests through this board. :smiley:

Hmm, interesting.

When you’re there, see if you can find any evidence that might contradict Curtis Saxton’s cite of SW weaponry pumping out 50 gigaton blasts in a single shot (he mentioned this in the latest Incredible Cross-Sections book). If there’s no contradiction, then I’ll be a very happy SPOOFE.


I’ll keep it in mind, SPOOFE. I don’t bother with the Cross-Sections stuff myself – is that 50 GT for the Death Star superlaser, or are we talking about warships’ main weaponry?

For myself, I’ll just be looking to see if those large triangular ships from the trailer are Victory destroyers, and whether I can catch a glimpse of a Z-95 Headhunter (my favorite fighter ever, even if it only exists in a handful of novel references and a couple of games). Plus, I’m going to try to enjoy the show.

You better rush straight to the nearest computer and give us the lowdown afterwards if you DO manage to get a sneak peek!

Jammy little dodger. We shall most certainly Want to Know.

Sorry I kept all of you waiting this long, but I only got my internet connection back a few days ago. I know this probably belongs in Cafe Society, but it made more sense to me to continue the thread I’d already started.

Dayum, but this movie was GOOD! Georgie-boy has redeemed himself for the gaffes he made in The Phantom Menace, including Jar Jar. I mean it.

I will post no spoilers in this thread, but there will be some hints that you might complain are too spoilerish for your tastes. Anybody who wants more detail can email me.

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Takeaway Impression#1: Do not fuck with Master Yoda. Do not even think of fucking with Master Yoda unless you are short of assholes and need him to rip you a few extra ones.

Takeaway Impression #2: When we saw The Phantom Menace, many of us thought that Jar Jar Binks was a sign of the coming apocalypse. It turns out that we weren’t that far from the truth. It’s very possible that we can blame him for the fall of the Republic.

Takeaway Impression #3: Hayden Christensen is not whining when he delivers his dialog. His Anakin is arrogant, impatient, full of hubris, and tormented, but he’s not whining. When you see what the character is put through, you’ll be able to accept the snippets of dialog you’ve already heard.

Any questions? Post them here, or email me, or wait for the thread to be moved to CS.

Well, I guess maybe they won’t envy me as much as I thought at first.


My history teacher saw a bootleg version on Sunday. He said it was almost perfect quality, just a little too bright.

Bootleg? Bah! I’m talking the exhibitor screening at the Ziegfeld here. The only thing that detracted from my enjoyment was a vicious case of indigestion from the steak dinner I had prior to the show.

It was a good night.