I'm going to see Episode 2 today!

A buddy of mine is a movie critic at our alternative weekly here in town, and they’re screening Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones tomorrow. He’s going, and he gets to bring a friend, so I’m going too, even though there is no reason at all for me to be there. You may all post your jealousy now. Or your hatred.

Actually the best part about this is that the people I work with both LOVE Star Wars and HATE me (a clear sign of mental instability). The greatest thing about this will be walking into work tomorrow evening and saying casually, “Hey fellas, I saw Episode Two today…” and seeing their entire psyches cleave into two halves: HATE JACKELOPE and the equally powerful ENVY JACKELOPE.

Post if you like; I am a happy man…

I knew everything about Phantom Menace before I saw it. It blew. I have spent all week trying to get my friend (and fellow poster Babar714) Shane, who read the novel, not to tell me a damn thing, I already know more than I’d like.

I won’te give you jealousy but DON’T TELL US A FUCKIN THING!!!

flup leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering

i’m jealous.

the theatr i had planned to see the movie in has closed. i’m trying alternate theatrs now.

I love Attack of the Clones.

I’ve always been a SW geek, (well, since I was seven, anyway…) and the whole Anniken/Amidala thing comes off like Jane Austen. (That’s high praise from Mudd-- I like Jane Austen. Wanna make something of it?)

And Yoda kicks ass.

And Jango & Boba’s relationship is… …touching.

The Empire Strikes Back was the most metaphysical of the SW movies, and Attack of the Clones is the most human.

I can’t wait to see it in the theatre, though-- a 15" monitor isn’t really the same, somehow. Yes, jackelope, I am envious. Not only do you get to duck in early, but you’ll probably be assured of an audience that doesn’t make a bunch of bloody noise, digging in popcorn, hooting and hollering, all that.

Have fun!

OK, I’m not going to say anything… anything at all… Not a damned thing… Even though it is KILLING me…

Was it good or bad? Jackelope isn’t telling.

Was it a disappointment, as Jackelope thought Episode I was, or was it not only better than Episode I, but also better than Ep. VI? Jackelope will not tell.

Does Yoda speak of Yoda in third person always? Well, Jackelope picked it up somewhere…

Oh man, I can’t wait til it comes out and I can tell people about it.

Thanks for posting, all.

I’m not jealous. Nope, not me. I don’t hate you.

Not even a leetle bit jealous. Zero jealousy.

[sub] you BASTAGE![/sub]

Star Wars? When is that coming out?

KILLING ME. It really is.

ARRRGHHHH!!! jackelope, you bastard! E-mail me and tell me if it was good or bad!! No spoilers… only if it was good or bad.

There’s a novel? Where have I been?

Actually, I know where I’ve been… more psyched for the next Lord of the Rings movie than for Ep 2. I must really need psychological help… :frowning: